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Welcome to the egg 2000 school. This year, it will be held in Blagoevgrad, which is in Bulgaria about 1h south of Sofia. It will take place during the first two weeks of august: 31 July to the 11th August. As always, it is entirely free and focuses on generative grammar, and has a group of great teachers (including a bunch of great philosophers of language this year). The deadline for registering is the 15th of May. And here is the list of teachers and classes.

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Earlier schools: 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93

July: There are no updates after mid June because all annoucements and discussions moved to the mailing list, a much better format for interaction. You can browse the archives of the list here.

14 June: Finally a first showable attempt at a schedule

7 June: All the grant-messages went out this morning (if you applied for a grant but haven't received any email, contact please. Also check the list of registered people: all grants are listed there, and people who did not get one disappeared from it since they're automatically unregistered (we know from experience that 90+% don't come)). As a result, the total number of registered persons jumped down to 257.

5 June: After some poking around, the maximal travel sums for grants are more or less clear (they're here for the curious). This means that the actual grant distribution can proceed, it should be done by tomorrow or wednesday (half of it is already done).

1 June: Some changes in the ponology and semantics classes.

27 May: Some (late) stats: all in all, 420 persons registered (and 23 are already unregistered). Among currently registered people 227 come from 'Eastern Europe' (57%), and 170 from the rest of the world (43%). Half are rather advanced (51%) and half count themselves as intro (49%). Fields: 60% of people are mostly interested in syntax (the proportion is the same within advanced and intro people). The phonology/semantics numbers are not reliable because of an early bug that classified semanticists as phonologists . For what it's worth, the (false) numbers are 17% of semanticists, 23% of phonologists.
Grants: 81% of the Easterners (the only ones who qualify) asked for them (185 persons). The total amount of grant-money requested is 35'000$, more than 3 times the total budget of the school (about 7 times as much as we can actually distribute...).

15 May: ahem... as I pulled the plug on the registration form, I discovered that a total of 412 people registered. Wow! Completly amazed.
Even though (probably) not even a third of that number will be on-site, this is a great enthusiasm for our raggabop-UG corner of the intellectual universe.

10 May: The list of registered people will not be updated until this week end (travelling again). looking at the logs from under the swedish sun, there seems to be around 290 of us by now

4 May: More people have been unsubscribed because there email doesn't work. To make things easier there's a new page listing them.

4 May: More news in the FAQ: travel-info and some hostel details. Don't worry (yet ;-) about the fact that there's 200 places in the hostel but more than 250 registered people. We know from experience that a lot of people will decide they cannot come, eg. those that could not get the grant they requested, etc.

29 April: A couple of people's email don't work. Since we have no means of contacting them, they are being automatically unregistered. So, in the future, if you suddenly stop hearing from the school, check out if you're still listed among registered people! The two persons are Lia Blaj from Rumania, and Monika Pukli from Hungary.

27 April: Reached a sad - but not unusual - milestone today: the amount of all requested grants is bigger than the total budget of the school...   Meaning that the requests are already more than twice as much as we can give...

24 April: About visas (from Ellie): EU people don't need visas, and for those who do need visas, Ellie says: "I need the names as in the passport and postal addresses to send the invitation".

24 April: First embarrassing bug in the registration software: all semantics people were classified as phonologists... Not very important, but if your page wrongly states that you are a phonology person, feel free to send a correction. Elena Soboleva - from Moscow - is the 200th applicant...

23 April: Back from the Basque! Thanks for all the students from Bilbao for giving us a great time up there. In the meantime I learned that we might have a couple of illustrous guests this summer during the school. More news soon, I hope. The number of registrants jumped up to 189, with 3 weeks to go...

13 April: The list of applicants will probably not be updated for the next few days. I'm going to the wonderful land of the Basques, and unless there is a linux-box somewhere along the road, those pages will stay frozen (this main page might be updated though). So don't worry if you applied and your name does not show up among applicants.
Ah, and please note that grants are available only for people coming form eastern europe: several people have submitted applications forms with grant-request, coming from western countries. I wish we could give more grants, but there's no way we can do that in our current setup. Just under 150 applications now, I continue to be amazed. Usually the mass of applications came a couple of days before the deadline, and there were about 20-40 applications at this time of the year...

9 April: Updated the FAQ slightly. And scheduling will be starting soon...

6 April: Whooops, things are going fast this year. Ana Sainz-Espiga, from Spain, is already the 100th applicant.

3 April: Here is a complete list of people who applied (63 now). It also contains per-country lists, so that people from the same country can get organised for travel, etc. It is updated every evening. Hey, the united states are coming 'en force': 18 people, three times as much as the next country, England! Many anglo-saxons this summer ;-)

2 April: New Frequently Asked Questions page with answers to questions I've already been getting a lot, or that I got a lot in the previous years, etc.

1 April: 56 applicants. The list of registered people should appear here over the next few days

27 March: Correction: There was apparently a misunderstanding, and the hostel price is not 3,60 but 4$ per night... To compensate, the quality is apparently much better than what we had previously! about a dozen (very) early applicants came in just after yesterday's announcement

26 March: Sent the usual boatload of advertisements (around 1400). Let the show (and the stress ;-) begin!

24 March: Here is a page with descriptions and urls for Blagoevgrad. If you know anything more, or have more urls, send them in, I'll add them there.
(First three applications, although the annoucement isn't out yet ;-)

22 March: Finally! the teacher setup is done... Great line-up in syntax and in philosophy of language/semantics. Now we can start spreading the word

Backstage Gossip : We've had great (financial) difficulties in getting the school up and running this year. Which is why everything is so late this year. But that seems over, and we're now in the final stages of constituting the teacher roster.