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Welcome to the egg 01 school. This year, the summer school will be held in Nis, which is in Serbia about 2h south of Belgrade. It will take place during the last two weeks of July: 23 July to 3 August. As always, it is entirely free. This year, even the lodging is free for all!
The school focuses on generative grammar, and has a nice group of teachers, who are either senior established figures in the field or young promising researchers at the forefront of today's research (they are all coming to teach for free (and for fun)).

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28 August: some pictures of the school are available thanks to the cool work of Stefan Rabanus, and the shooting of Jonathan and Jill ;-)

24 July: for those of you arriving late: please arrive between 8am and 8pm, otherwise you run the risk of being left out in the cold. Cold?

23 July: fun has started! Everything seems to be going well, three hurrays for Boban!

18 July: new version of the schedule. Small changes only.

16 July: the schedule is now available. It looks stable and working, but might still change if somebody has some decisive objection.

15 July: Sorry for the long absence. Had to go and kidnap Jane. Mission accomplished. Jane back. Jane sends regards

21 June: Today, those who did not confirm were unregistered. Now we're back in manageable numbers, and the party can start ;-)

8 June: a new online text is available for Abels' introduction class. See the link in his abstract.

8 June: Only two days left for confirmation. If you don't confirm, you will be unregistered automatically (next week).

7 June: Abstracts for the 2-week class by Sabrina Bendjaballah is now online.

31 May: Abstracts for the classes by Tomic and Boyadzhieva are now online.

30 May: Several persons asked how to unregister. Easy: send an email to .

29 May: It is now clear that the hostel has a maximum capacity of 270 persons. (And there is still unclarity on money: 200 beds are free, there might be a symbolic payment for the 70 others; something like 1$/night). To be clear on how many people exactly need the hostel, I am now organising a confirmation procedure which should be ready around the end of the week. More news soon on the mailing list. (These numbers also mean that there will be no single rooms this year!)

28 May: Hi Ho. Back from sweet Italy. We have a new morpho-phono teacher, Sabrina Bendjaballa. More details over the next few days. I am also working on getting some more semantics/syntax people. Let's hope...

20 May: Abstracts for Peter Svenonius are online.

17 May: Abstracts for Luisa Marti and Klaus Abels are now online. All available abstracts are linked from the usual page listing classes and teachers. Just click on the relevant class.

16 May: So, application-time over. All in all, 744 people applied; of which 701 are still active (yes, that means that 43 persons abandonned or are unreachable, and you can get see some statistics as usual). I don't know wether to be happy or sad. So I went and bought a bar of swiss chocolate and ate it all in one go. Now I'm happy ;-).
This is a fantastic display of interest for research on language and the mind. Even if you count out all the tourists, bar-hoppers or lost semiotists, it's still a HUGE crowd. And of course, we're glad that so many people are interested in our hoopla-hop small school. There have never been that many applications, even remotely. But of course, we cannot have a school with 700 persons. Or 600. Not even 400. With only about 10 teachers, and 2 classes going on at any given time...

15 May: More phonology: (i) Tobias Scheer will be giving an additional intro class, a descriptive-oriented discussion of some surprising aspects of Czech phonology; (ii) the abstracts for his classes are now available here and here

15 May: A bunch of additional phonology material available: here you can find five papers by Jonathan Kaye, as a background to his classes, and at the same place, 3 papers, 2 handouts, and notes from the 1999 classes, all by Tobias Scheer, and all relevant the master's teachings.

15 May: In Geneva's radio shouting behind me, the Ramones are suggesting that "somebody put something in my drink". Well, realy, it feels like someone's been smoking too many mushrooms... I mean, 700 registrations, and still coming in every 20 minutes?

13 May: Another bunch of persons was unsubscribed because they are unreachable. And someone is routing their msgs to some sms address that bounces back to me. Very annoying. (There is no way to trace it down to who it is, but it's in the domain, if you recognise yourself)

13 May: The server was down for a couple of hours this afternoon (and the registration didn't work for a bit more than that). Sorry. It's fixed, you can stop bombarding me with email now ;-)

11 May: The abstracts for Haike Jacobs' classes are available: intro and advanced.

09 May: Two micro-abstracts from Jonathan Kaye: for his intro class, and for his advanced class

08 May: mamma mia! 380 of us now (and more than 400 persons have registered all in all). This is much more than last year at the same period... How wrong can I be? I thought there would be very few of us this year

04 May: Started a page to collect info about visas. Please send us any additional info that you might have.

04 May: Glups. More than 300 registrations...

02 May: There is now a statistics page breaking down registrations by domain, by level, by grants, etc.

30 April: Five persons were deregistered because their email is unreachable. The list is on the page of deregistered unreachable people. You can always find a link to that page in the green bar on the left. Currently 273 registrations

26 April: Techno-advance: the data for all registered people is now accessible on the website. It is also classified by country, so people from the same country can organise to travel together, etc.   Strong american presence again! The number inside square brackets at the top is the total number of registered persons. 207 as of now...

25 April: The flood of applications continues... more than 180 registered persons now. (usually 180 registration mean about 90 actual participants, because of grant-decisions, change of plans, etc. On the other hand, 90 is already a lot, as it means up to 40-50 people per class...)

25 April: We have a new syntax teacher! Welcome to Peter Svenonius, well-known both for his syntactic research and for his partying skills ;-). The titles of his class are on the course page.

20 April: Still a flood of about 20 applications per day, now more than 100 applicants!

19 April: Updated the FAQ with some more info about security, about airports, and about how to contact us for questions.

18 April: Strong response, about 20 applications per day... We're around 50 now.

16 April: The school is now announced (sent the usual quazillions of mails). Let the show begin!

11 April: hey, the school is not announced yet and we already have 5 applications! wow...

5 April: Hi! Atrociously late, as usual. But: Welcome to the Free Serbia summer school. This is going to be great ;-)

The official annoucement is going out over the next few days, and maybe there will be a couple more teachers joining us. Although the official word is not out yet, the registration form already works. Feel free to register already now if you feel like it.