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Hello! Welcome to the joyous Eastern Generative Grammar summerschool, sometimes known as the GLEE. After Olomouc, Debrecen, Plovdiv, Blago, and Nis, we are moving to Novi Sad in the summer of 2002. See also the cool site made by the Novi Sad people (only works with some browsers though!).

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Earlier schools: 01, 00, 99, 98, 97 , 96, 95, 94

26 June: The schedule of classes is now available. Thanks to Hedde for sweating it out.

21 June: Final decisions as to acceptance will be done tonight, and all the letters (emails) will go out tomorrow. After that, we'll do the confirmation procedure, and then we are finally done with administrative affairs!

18 June: The grant decisions went out today. Now comes the hard part, the selection procedure for non-grants.

17 June: The ritual how much does it cost page was missing this year. It is now back with us.

29 May: Ad Neeleman's (long and detailed) advanced abstract is now available, linked from the classes page.

28 May: We are still trying to deal with the ca. 150 applications for grants. It will be done soon, and then hopefully we can somehow deal with the fact that there are so many people registered!

8 May: Several pages full of good information about the summer school are now available. Thanks to the people in Novi Sad! This will only work for those of you who have Java, however....

8 May: Several more abstracts are now available on the classes page.

7 May: The first abstracts are now online (for Jacobs' classes), linked from the classes page. Several others will follow shortly (either today or tomorrow).

6 May: Techno-switch - everyone's page now contains the full description that they typed during the application. many hours of reading ;-)

25 April: People who's email address doesn't work are automatically deregistered. It happened today to Susana Gomez Alvaro. I will however not be announcing all automatic deregistrations here. There is a link in the left green column pointing to a page with all deregistered people, it's up to you to check that you are not in there!

22 April: the page with statisitics about registrations is now also up, regenerated every day.

21 April: the data for all registered people is now accessible on the website. There is again also a classification by country, so people from the same country can organise to travel together, etc. The number in square brackets at the end of the title is the current total number of registered people (currently 39).

20 April: almost 2 days of registrations now and 33 eggs in the basket ;-)

20 April: Here is a first (skinny) version of the FAQ for this summer.

19 April: The registration process is now open. In fact, the registration form has been up for almost a full day now (unnanounced but linked at the top of this page) and there are already 23 registrations!

17 April: The complete list of teachers and classes is now available

16 April: Apparently, this page was showing in Microsoft Explorer, but not in Netscape (I didn't notice, as I use only open software on Linux...). Turned out to be because a line was accidentally deleted. Thanks to Ivona Kucerova for alerting us!

12 April: btw. we often receive questions like: how much will the school cost this summer? So let me repeat it - we are the school of the free. You pay nothing for the school, you only pay for your hostel dorm (which is usually cheap).

12 April: Here is the list of people teaching this summer - mostly unordered:

Klaus Abels (UConn), John Bailyn (SUNY), Ad Neeleman (UCL), Michal Starke (NYU), Peter Svenonius (Tromso), Gillian Ramchand (Oxford), Olga Tomic (Leiden), Hedde Zeijlstra (Amsterdam), Ute Bohnacker (Lund), Andrew Nevins (MIT), Haike Jacobs (Leiden), Martin Kraemer (Ulster), Patrick Honeybone, Jonathan Kaye (Girona)

(titles are also ready - for technical reasons they will be here only in a couple of days)

11 April: And one (unintentional) way of doing it, is to have a short registration period... The web-person being on conference now, the registration process will start around the middle of next week.

14 March: One topic that is getting some attention now, is how to limit the numbers constructively. The last couple of schools were too big, it would be nice to bring them back to a human level...

13 March: Four months later, we're waking up ;-). The most important step is that we now secured money for this summer (thanks to a heroic performance by Tobias Scheer and Natasa Milicevic), so the school is definitively taking place, in Novi Sad, from Monday, July 22 to Fri August 2nd. The teacher setup is almost ready, and should appear on these pages over the next week.

03 November: Call: now that we have a nice partner for 02 (ie Novi Sad), we are starting to think about where to go in 2003. This will be the 10th school! So this is a call for ideas, or candidates, for 2003: where would you want the school to be? do you know of any place that would like to host the school then? etc. Contact: egg-central AT

02 November: started page for the 02 school.

28 August: some pictures of the Nis school are available thanks to the cool work of Stefan Rabanus, and the shooting of Jonathan and Jill ;-)