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15 September - Klaus: Finally ... the photo album is here... where? Here: As before, if you have more pictures you won't to be in the photo album, send them my way: Cheers to all

18 July - Klaus: O.k. guys, if you follow the faq link in the left column you will find a substantially updated version of the frequently asked questions page with directions and all that jazz...

06 July - Tobias: the fatal moment was about two hours ago, and the magic number is 136 (confirmed people). So everybody who has confirmed gets a bed in the cosy Amor dorm. You can start packing... Tobias

02 July - Hedde: The schedule is ready. Check it out!
You can see the schedule at

01 July - Klaus: As you all know, the confirmation is on now and has been on since June 30. It'll work until July 5, so confirm now! To do so send an email to as explained in Tobias' posting.

13 June - Tobias: if you don't read this, you will never attend. So here is everything you need to know in order to successfully confirm your participation:

Our server will accept confirmation from Monday June 30 to Sunday July 5.

To confirm, simply send an email to:

1. The content of the email is completely irrelevant. But you MUST use the same email address that you are registered with (the one which is listed on your page at

2. Also, keep in mind that if you confirm and then you do not come, you will have the special privilege of getting on the rotten-eggs list, which buys you the pleasure of being banned from the school for 3 sweet years.

3. You have 6 days to do your confirmation. The confirmation procedure will stop working on the 6th of July.

4. Your page on the web-site will be updated when you confirm, but it is not automatic so it will take a little while (1-2 days) before it pops up there.

5. once the data in, we will will get back to you with conclusions regarding attendance and bed-allocation as quick as possible.

12 June - Tobias: There has already been some information on air, here is some more. This is actually meant to get dorm-requests low: look how ugly the dorm is. The building is from the 50s, it's the oldest dorm on-site. Accommodation will be in three-bed rooms only. The comfort is basic. Showers and toilets are on each floor, and running water in the room. Students have fridges in there, erratically, and leave them over summer. There is a kitchen on every floor with an oven and heating facilities and a table, but no pots and pans. Access is 24h, through a porter at night. 5 min walk to the classrooms, 15 min to the old town.

11 June - Tobias: 1. if you have applied for a grant and did not hear anything from us, please get in touch. 2. the part of the FAQ concerning accommodation space says "people who are registered and requested a space in the hostel, automatically have rooms allocated in the student-hostel where we all stay". This was before we made the latest decision (cf. previous msg), and does not hold true anymore. Tobias for the orgs

10 June - Tobias: 1. no selection after confirmation !
2. everybody who has not received a negative message: get your tickets
3. price to pay: perhaps we run out of beds PLEASE READ THE DETAIL CAREFULLY So here is the information you are waiting for:
1. based on your self-descriptions, a few people have received a personal message saying that egg is probably not the right place for them to be.
2. all others may rush to the ticket office and make travel arrangements: we have decided not to limit access after the confirmation procedure. This sounds nice, but there is a price to pay: we risk to dynamite the accommodation space available. Our overall capacity is about 160 beds for students.
3. so, practically speaking: we hope for natural fall-out through the confirmation procedure. If there are more than 160 people left after that, we distribute beds according to one clear criterion: Easteners first. Hence, some Westeners with home-made euros or dollars may have to look out for another place to lay down their head. This means hotels etc. Of course Gienek, our local organiser, will do everything he can in order to come up with hotel info and so forth, but you must be aware of this complication.
4. among Westeners, how do we decide who gets a bed in the hostel? Good question. One option is first-come-first-serve. If you have a better idea, please tell us, tell everybody on egg.03.
5. at the risk of repeating myself: all this does not mean that you are dispensed from confirmation. The confirmation procedure will run as planned (more info on that shortly), and if you do not confirm, you are out. [if you confirm and don't come, you are a rotten egg and cover yourself with linguistic shame]

So here we go...