Classes in Lublin03

Research Classes:

Jonathan Kaye (Girona) Find the Verb Stem! An Exploration of the Phonology Morphology Relation
Hagit Borer (USC) Aspect and Aktionsart
Oystein Nilsen (Utrecht) Eliminating Positions
Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) Erasing the Syntax/Semantics Interface: Evidence from Scottish Gaelic
Arnim Von Stechow (Tuebingen) Different approaches to the semantics of comparison

Topic Classes:

Gienek Cyran (Lublin) A CV version of Government Phonology
Haike Jacobs (Nijmegen) Issues in Optimality Theory: Targeted constraints, Sympathy, Comparative Markedness and Opacity
Jonathan Kaye (Girona) Foundations of Phonological Theory
Martin Kraemer (Ulster) OT Approaches to Vowel Harmony
Charles Reiss (Concordia) Phonological Theory and Phonological Acquisition
John Bailyn (SUNY) Case and Configuration in Slavic
John Bailyn (SUNY) What, if anything, is the EPP?
Hagit Borer (USC) The syntax of (referring) nominal expressions
Andrew Ira Nevins (MIT) Ergativity: splitting hairs
Andrew Ira Nevins (MIT) Precedence for syntacticians, dominance for phonologists
Oystein Nilsen (Utrecht) Grammar Logic
Hedde Zeijlstra (Amsterdam) The Semantics of Negative Concord

Intro Classes:

Haike Jacobs (Nijmegen) Introduction to Phonology - part 1
Martin Kraemer (Ulster) Introduction to Phonology - part 2
David Adger (Queen Mary) Introduction to (Minimalist) syntax
Gillian Ramchand (Oxford), Arnim Von Stechow (Tuebingen) Introduction to the Semantics
Elissaveta Boyadzhieva (Sofia) Introduction to Language and mind - part 1
Charles Reiss (Concordia) Introduction to Language and mind - part 2