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Welcome to the joyous Eastern Generative Grammar (egg) summerschool, sometimes known as the GLEE. We are moving to the nice town of Cluj in Romania this summer. Cluj in the west of Romania, fairly near Budapest (Hungary). The egg focuses on generative grammar, and has a nice group of teachers, who are either senior established figures in the field or young promising researchers at the forefront of today's research (they are all coming to teach for free (and for fun)). Registrations will start on May 10th and will end on May 20th.


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18 August - Michal: Michael Wagner has now put his pictures on the web. Enjoy!

13 August - Michal: To all of you Cluj eggers: here is a page to give us some feedback on the school - please take a few minutes to tell us what you thought about the school. Hopefully, that'll help us with organising the next one. Thanks!

10 August - Michal: I just noticed that much of the content of Oystein's class (2nd week) has now been added as a squib on lingBuzz.

29 July - Hedde: Certificate page: the school issues certificates of attendance that you might need in order to grasp a credit or two at your home institution. In order to get a certificate, you need to: (1) download the certificate; (2) fill in your name on the first line; (3) cut out the courses that you did not attend; (4) add any information that suits you or is relevant for your home institution (5) send the file to zeijlstra AT; (6) we will process certificates from Wednesday morning of the second week; (August 4th) on, and we need a day to do that. So if you want your certificate on Thursday, you will want to have the file sent by Tuesday evening; (7) there will be a box in the library where signed and stamped certificates can be collected.

22 July - Tobias: The handout for my week 1 class (The representation of core phonological objects and processes) is now online. Those of you who plan to attend, please download it as much as you can, so that my backpack will not be completely filled up with hardcopies. then follow other stuff to dwonload/ Egg summer schools Sorry for the short notice... Tobias

16 July - Hedde: Finally, there's also a (preliminary) schedule for the school. You can check it out here.

06 July - Luisa: The description of the class "Covert Variables at LF" has been updated with juicy information about readings and plans. Enjoy!

01 July - Michal: People who did not confirm are now definitively deregistered. As a result, there are now 177 registered persons.

23 June - Michal: We now finally have a FAQ. (As Luisa says, don't try to pronounce this at home.) Some answers are still incomplete/uncertain so take this as a preliminary version!

22 June - Michal: The confirmation round started yesterday morning (in fact at 1:30am, when Klaus Harnack sent the first confirmation :). So far 90 persons confirmed their attendance.

02 June - Michal: We have now almost finished the grant decisions, they should be going out tonight, or at the latest tomorrow morning.

25 May - Michal: Now that all applications are in, much of the communication and newsflashing switches to the mailing list (which is why it is so important that you have a working email address). See you there!

19 May - Hedde: Hi, if you register it may be that your name does not appear on the registered people list, but if you click on your country-page, your name should appear in the list. If that's not the case please contact us.

18 May - Luisa: Are you having problems registering? If so, send us a message to summerschool @

14 May - Luisa: Hey, phonologists! You can now take a look at what Tobias Scheer will be teaching. Well, if you are not a phonologist you can still take a look at it...

13 May - Michal: The 100th applicant has just hit the submit button - that was fast! Welcome to Judith Kainhofer (who is actually a bad example of applications, since there is an empty self-description - I will have to change the programme to reject those! (Done)).

13 May - Luisa: Tom Roeper's abstracts are now posted too. Fortunately, it doesn't snow in Leipzig. ;-)

12 May - Michal: Hey, this must be some sort of punishment: first the database crash, and now it started snowing here in Tromso (yes it is mid-May here too)

12 May - Luisa: With Curt Rice's abstracts in, almost all abstracts are now posted. Enjoy!

12 May - Michal: Ok, things seem to be back to normal. Registrations worked fully again since yesterday around 2am, and a couple of editing glitches were fixed this morning. Let's hope it'll be smooth from here!

12 May - Michal: Data-disaster! After 10 years of technological peace and love, there was bound to be a strike. Today, around 5pm, the whole database got erased. One little wrong command. Uh Oh! No problem, I thought, we have a double backup system. And then I discovered that backups stopped working 5 days ago, right before the registrations started... At that point, the window looked very attractive :(
After some hours of work, much of the data of these last 5 days is now restored, but do expect some glitches in the next day or two. And of course, if you were among the 70 people who had already registered, you will need to register again -- but you should have received an email about that. eggface of the year

10 May - Michal: Some new class titles arrived, almost all of them are in now. Several abstracts have also popped up.

08 May - Michal: Several small bugs in the registration process have now been fixed, thanks to the reports of the first brave applicants. If you have been having problems with your registration, please try again. And please please please tell us about the problems you are having, so that we can fix them and others do not need to suffer the same annoyance. Thanks! (currently 13 applicants)

07 May - Michal: I tentatively turned registrations on yesterday evening without announcing it, and we already have 8 registered persons :) It seems to work fairly well, so feel free to use it. Please do report any problems you find to us.

06 May - Luisa: Some more abstracts! And even more coming soon, hopefully... Another piece of good news is that Orin Percus will probably be joining us. If he comes, he will co-teach semantics with Luisa Marti.

03 May - Michal: After several hours of coding, most of the registration process is ready. I will be away for the next two days, but back on the keyboard Wedn evening. So it is conceivable that by Thursday, the registration will be alive and kicking.

28 April - Michal: Lots of new info in the classes/teachers page, and with a little luck, more coming over the next few days. Speaking of the next few days, registrations will begin soon.

13 April - Michal: The first class announcement and abstract! Several more coming.

07 April - Michal: Added the registrations dates for this summer! Ooops!

06 April - Michal: And finally, two more teachers, bringing us to eleven: Markus Kracht, doing computational linguistics at UCLA, and our legendary Jonathan Kaye.

21 March - Michal: Two more! A syntactician, Alexandra Cornilescu, from Bucharest, and a phonologist, Curt Rice from Tromso, all the way up there around the North Pole.

18 March - Michal: As the link on the left reveals, we have three other recruits: Luisa Marti, who will be teaching semantics, Tom Roeper from uMass, who will probably be teaching both language acquisition and morphology, and our traditional Tobias Scheer, who hasn't been teaching for a few years and is itching to be back on stage.

16 March - Michal: The next two teachers are: Michael Wagner, from MIT, concentrating on the phonology/syntax interface; and Oystein Nilsen, from Tromso, concentrating on the syntax/semantics interface.

15 March - Michal: Of course, everyone is waiting to see who teaches this year. Here is the first pair: Hilda Koopman and Dominique Sportiche, from UCLA. (Next two tomorrow :)

12 March - Michal: Here we go again! (hopefully...). This site is now running new (unfinished) software designed to make it easier - and quicker! - for us to organise the school.
It used to run on software that I (Michal Starke) had written about 4 years ago, which made a lot of stuff automatic, and made it possible for just a couple of persons to organise the whole thing. But it all depended on me pushing the right buttons in the right order, and as we grew to be 5-6 people organising, we needed something more collaborative (otherwise I remain a bottleneck -- and schools are always late, as you can see very clearly this year). So I started writing a new version about a month ago, and today I put a first draft online. It is unfinished, buggy, etc. but it gets us started -- and it allows you to read this blog entry :) Hopefully it will not be too much of a rocky road, and new features will be appearing regularly.

14 January - Hedde: Hi! Egg '04 is coming! It's going to be held in the city of Cluj (Romania), starting on July 26 until August 6. As soon as we know more, we'll keep you informed.