Classes for Cluj04

Intro classes

Dominique Sportiche   (UCLA) Introduction to Syntax
Hilda Koopman   (UCLA) Introduction to Morphosyntax
Luisa Marti   (Leipzig) , Orin Percus   (San Raffaele) Introduction to Semantics
Tom Roeper   (Umass) Introduction to Acquisition
Curt Rice   (Tromso) Introduction to Optimality Theory
Michael Wagner   (MIT) Introduction to Prosody and the Syntax/Phonology Interface

Topical classes

Alexandra Cornilescu   (Bucharest) The Direct Object - Syntax and Information Structure
Alexandra Cornilescu   (Bucharest) The AP as a DP constituent
Dominique Sportiche   (UCLA) Movement and Interpretation
Hilda Koopman   (UCLA) Agreement
Marcus Kracht   (UCLA) Syntactic Representations: from Chains to Multidominance
Oystein Nilsen   (Tromso) Conservative Shape Conservation
Luisa Marti   (Leipzig) , Orin Percus   (San Raffaele) Covert Variables at LF
Marcus Kracht   (UCLA) Language and Space
Oystein Nilsen   (Tromso) The Case Filter and its semantics
Curt Rice   (Tromso) Issues in the Phonology of Paradigms
Michael Wagner   (MIT) Deriving Prosody in Syntax
Tobias Scheer   (Nice) How the big guys (morphology, syntax, semantics) talk to phonology, and what they tell her
Tobias Scheer   (Nice) The representation of core phonological objects and processes
Tom Roeper   (Umass) Derivational Morphology and Minimalism