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Welcome to the joyous Eastern Generative Grammar (egg) summerschool, sometimes known as the GLEE. In the summer of 2005, we will be moving to the historic town of Wroclaw (Poland) near the Czech border. The egg focuses on generative grammar, and has a nice group of teachers, who are either senior established figures in the field or young promising researchers at the forefront of today's research (they are all coming to teach for free (and for fun)).


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27 July - Klaus: I have just uploaded the certificate form to the egg server. You will find it at Please download it, fill it out, print it out, and submit it to us in the egg-library so that it can get signed, stamped and returned to you. Deadline for doing this is Tuesday!
I have also uploaded the handouts for Cecila's courses. They are at

22 July - Klaus: Countdown: Three days to go -- I promise that we will not delay the launch of the summerschool because of a defective fuel sensor. We definitely will not do that. The news is that there has been a change in the tram connections in Wroclaw. The place is under construction, but that makes it all the more interesting. There have also been several changes to the class-pages and some handouts are available online now.

20 July - Klaus: Only five days to go.
A flurry of activity has set in. There are lots of updates to the faq, maps, info about dorms, internet,... the egg is hatching.

18 July - Klaus: The countdown to the school is running. Today in a week we will be kicking off! As you will have seen, the FAQ has been updated several times over the last couple of days. Keep checking.
Also we know have a place and time for the opening of the school. Next Monday you are all kindly requested to go to Aula Leopoldina in the main University building for the opening of the school at 9:30-10:00am. We will kick off the school there, let you in on some of the details you will need to know to navigate the two weeks ahead, introduce ourselves,... and if all that is not enough, I am told that the Aula Lepoldina is a very impressive baroque hall - for all the architecture buffs around.

Also, I am convinced that there will be an inofficial start of the school Sunday night in some local bar. In fact, rumors have it that there is a bar open just for us at the back of the building right across from the dorm: the Plus Minus.

10 July - Hedde: The schedule is currently available at

08 June - Klaus: I have just uploaded the invitation form. I hope it does the job. For further information and backup procedures in case it does not work, please look at the faq. The invitation form is here.

26 May - Klaus: I have just uploaded a very preliminary and rough first shot at a faq page for this year. You find it in the left sidebar of the webpage or at . We will keep improving it and adding information, but to start the ball rolling, here is a preliminary version.

24 May - Tobias: The Jensen 94 paper, which Jonathan's & Markus' Big Tree class refers to, is now available at then "other people's papers".

24 May - Michal: The confirmation procedure starts today/tomorrow (one clock says 23:56, the other says 0:04...), May 24th. You should have received an email about it, explaining what to do. (If you haven't received that email please contact us immediately, as it means that we cannot reach you and you will be deregistered)

22 May - Tobias: Course material for Marc's classes has come in, ckeck it out at his class pages: Input-Output, Microvariation.

18 May - Michal: so after a lot of fight with technical details and difficult coordination between people living 200m meters from each other, the emails have now rolled out. If you applied, you should have an email sitting in your mailbox telling you where you stand. (If not, then your email doesn't work for us.)

13 May - Klaus: The decisions concerning grants and who will be admitted to the school have been made. Once a few technical hurdles have been cleared (today or tomorrow) we will send out emails to everyone.

12 May - Michal: We now have all abstracts and all class titles - yay, check it out!

07 May - Klaus: There was a slight shift in focus for one of Jeroen's classes. The class is now called An apparent case of VP-ellipsis in Dutch dialects

02 May - Michal: And the abstracts for Neeleman's classes popped up too. Get them while they're fresh :)

30 April - Michal: The abstracts for Marusic/Zaucer are now in

25 April - Tobias: the phonology abstracts are now complete (except Jonathan's...) - have a look at them at the classes page.

22 April - Michal: We now have titles for the 4 new classes, check out the classes page

20 April - Michal: Given that a number of people had registration problems, and that we just had a major change in the teachers at the school, we decided to extend the registration period by a few days. The new deadline is April 25th.

18 April - Klaus: We have a change in program to announce: Unfortunately, Edwin Williams and Martin Prinzhorn have told us that they will not be able to attend the egg 05 after all. For all of you who were looking forward to their classes, we're sorry about this. However, I am very happy to announce that Ad Neeleman, Lanko Marusic, and Rok Zaucer have agreed to step in and help us out. So: cheers for the three of them! The titles of their classes will be coming soon to this screen.

13 April - Tobias: Check out the teachers and classes link, a new class in phonology has come in (microvariation [sic: phonology, not syntax]), and two abstracts are now available.

06 April - Tobias: Phonology titles complete: Marc and Christian will co-teach their classes:
1. Intro to OT
2. Input-output relations
Abstracts will be in soon.

04 April - Luisa: Check out the "Teachers and Classes" link on the left for updates on titles and abstracts. Ede Zimmermann's abstract for his advanced class, "Unspecific Objects", just arrived.

30 March - Tobias: The fourth phonology teacher has jumped on board: Christian Uffmann from Marburg.
Also, the titles for Kaye's and P÷chtrager's classes are in:
- Markus teaches the intro to Government Phonology
- Jonathan teaches two weeks of fieldwork - how-to and experiments on living bodies
- finally, they co-teach a class on length in phonology.
van Oostendorp's and Uffmann's titles, as well as all the abstracts, soon in this theatre.

30 March - Michal: A bunch of new class titles have just landed.

29 March - Michal: I have added some registration information to the registration page. Also, the missing titles for classes should be coming in over the next few days - hopefully.

21 March - Klaus: The program for the school is taking clearer shape.
Steve Franks just sent in the titles for his courses. At the introductory level he will teach Introduction to Slavic Comparative Syntax and at a more advanced level there will be Microvariation: Slavic Clitics.
Now we are waiting for the rest of the gang to send their titles and abstracts...

18 March - Tobias: bad news: we lost Paul de Lacy, who can't escape Uncle Sam while greencarding.
Back with more on the fourth phono-egg soon.

09 March - Luisa: Yael Sharvit, from Connecticut, joins the semantics team!

10 February - Luisa: Good news! The first semantics egg has hatched: Ede Zimmermann will be joining us from Frankfurt. More semantics news coming soon!

24 January - Klaus: Right. And one shouldn't forget about oneself.
So: I will be teaching the introduction to syntax this summer. Ready for the ride?

12 January - Klaus: ... and there is yet another syntactician in our microcomparison crowd:
Steven Franks from Bloomington, Indiana, familiar from his comparative work on Slavic.
stay tuned for more...

06 January - Klaus: More syntacticians hatching:
I am very happy to announce that Cecilia Poletto will join us in Wroclaw. Some of you might know her in depth microcomparative work on Romance. :)
Also joining us will be Jeroen van Craenenbroeck, who recently got his Ph D in Leiden and who used a microcomparative approach to Dutch dialects.

10 December - Tobias: Phono parachuted phono-eggs in Wroclaw will be:
  • Paul de Lacy (Rutgers)
  • Jonathan Kaye (Girona)
  • Markus P÷chtrager (Vienna)
  • Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens)
The programme will be available in this theatre soon.

10 December - Klaus: We have been brooding over the syntax teacher lineup and an egg has hatched. I am happy to announce that we managed to get Edwin Williams to teach syntax at next year's school. Stay tuned for more...

17 September - Michal: We just learned that the dates for the Wroclaw school as confirmed: 25 July to 5 August 2005

26 May - Michal: The incredibly early organisation of Wroclaw05 is moving forward. We now even have tentative dates a year in advance: 25 July 2005 to 5 August 2005. If anyone knows of conflicts, or other problems with those dates, please let us know.

24 March - Klaus: Organizing of the egg '05 summerschool which will, so god will, take place in Wroclaw (Poland) has just been kicked off! Champagne!