Classes for Wroclaw05

Intro classes

Ede Zimmermann   (Frankfurt) , Yael Sharvit   (Uconn) Introduction to Semantics
Klaus Abels   (Tromso) Syntax: an introduction
Christian Uffmann   (Marburg) Introduction to Optimality Theory
Markus P÷chtrager   (Vienna) Introduction to Government Phonology

Research classes

Ede Zimmermann   (Frankfurt) Unspecific objects
Ad Neeleman   (UCL) PF Syntax
Cecilia Poletto   (Padova) Diachronic variation in Old Romance
Jeroen Van Craenenbroeck   (Brussel) Subtypes of sluicing

Topical classes

Yael Sharvit   (Uconn) Topics in Semantics
Ad Neeleman   (UCL) Theta Theory: In Defense of Plan B
Cecilia Poletto   (Padova) Dialectal variation in Romance
Franc Lanko Marusic   (SUNY) , Rok Zaucer   (Ottawa) Null Verbs - With Particular Reference to Slovenian
Franc Lanko Marusic   (SUNY) Non-simultanous Phases
Jeroen Van Craenenbroeck   (Brussel) An apparent case of VP-ellipsis in Dutch dialects
Steve Franks   (Indiana) Microvariation: Slavic Clitics
Steve Franks   (Indiana) Slavic Comparative Syntax
Jonathan Kaye   (Girona) Techniques in Linguistic Analysis
Marc Van Oostendorp   (Meertens) Phonological microvariation
Marc Van Oostendorp   (Meertens) , Christian Uffmann   (Marburg) Input-output relations
Markus P÷chtrager   (Vienna) , Jonathan Kaye   (Girona) Big Tree Phonology