Classes for Olomouc06

Intro classes

Glyne Piggott   (Mcgill Montreal) Introduction to stress
Marc Van Oostendorp   (Meertens) Introduction to OT in phonology
Oystein Nilsen   (Tromso/utrecht) Introduction to Syntax

Research classes

Tatjana Marvin   (Ljubljana) The interaction between stress, syntax, and meaning in word formation
Glyne Piggott   (Mcgill Montreal) The phonological interpretation of morphological structure
Marc Van Oostendorp   (Meertens) A theory of morphosyntactic colours
Michal Starke   (Tromso) The nanosyntax of participles and how they spell out
Ricardo Bermudez-Otero   (University Of Manchester) Stratal OT
Sabrina Bendjaballah   (Lille) , Martin Haiden   (Lille) The PF-Syntax interface in a model of parallel derivation
Sabrina Bendjaballah   (Lille) Templates and nonconcatenative morphophonological representations
Tobias Scheer   (Nice) How non-phonological information is processed in phonology - a historical survey from Trubetzkoy to OT and Distributed Morphology
Tobias Scheer   (Nice) Direct Interface
Ad Neeleman   (UCL) Toward a non-templatic syntax
Ad Neeleman   (UCL) Syntactic aspects of PF
Joe Emonds   (Kobe Shoin) Late Syntactic and PF Merge of morphemes
Joe Emonds   (Kobe Shoin) Maximally Distributing Morphology
Martin Haiden   (Lille) Argument structure and overt morphology
Michal Starke   (Tromso) Nanosyntax - An overview with special reference to the interface