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04 August - Michal: the updated schedule for the second week is now available

03 August - Hedde: The school issues certificates of attendance that you might need. In order to get a certificate, you need to (1) download this file; (2) fill in your name; (3) fill in the courses that you have attended; (4) add any information that suits you or is relevant for your home institution; (5) print out the file, which can be done in the printing room in dorm A2; (6) put it in the "In Certificate" box before Wednesday evening of the second week (the box will be in classroom A); (7) give us a day in order to sign and stamp it; (8) collect it in the "Out Certificate" box Thursday after classes (also in class room A). That’s all!

02 August - Hedde: The addditional handout for John Harris class can be found here.

23 July - Tobias: We try to minimize the use of paper. All handouts available are here, and the site will be growing as new ones come in. Please download them and make them available to you in whatever form suits you. Note that the school will not provide any xeroxing facility.

23 July - Tobias: There will be a pre-school workshop on Czech in generative grammar organized by Lida Veselovská Saturday 28 July 10h45 at the dorms (probably in one of the classrooms). Alas, talks will be not only about, but also in Czech. The programme is here.

20 July - Tobias: The five handouts for Ben Hermans' second week class are now available here (also from the class page).

16 July - Tobias: The five handouts for Ben Hermans' first week class are now available here (also from the class page).

02 July - Hedde: The schedule is now available. You can check it out here.

04 June - Michal: the confirmation round started today (and ends Friday) and is going strong - 84 confirmed participants at the end of the first day.

01 June - Michal: All the abstracts are now in, with the arrival of Andrew's case manifesto

31 May - Michal: Peter Racz on the restricitvness of OT: "let us have constr. *AFTERN which would devoice all coda obstruents in the afternoon" ;)

29 May - Michal: many new abstracts are now online - check them out.

24 May - Michal: I just sent the instructions for the confirmation procedure to the mailing list. So be ready to confirm between June 4th and June 8th -- substance consumed while editing the instructions: ayo

23 May - Michal: Several new abstracts have appeared on the class page, and a few new FAQ questions (concerning travel) have also been updated or created. Have fun reading!

20 May - Tobias: Andrew Nevins has sent over a description of his underlying structure course. Have a look at it, there is also a link to more reading and literature.

17 May - Michal: So the registrations are over and to our amazement we discover 317 applications sitting on our computers (that's more than last year and the year before...) - very cool, but way more than reasonable. The next step is the confirmation procedure. I'll send an email to the list about that - and generally, most communication will take place on the mailing list now. (Speaking of communication, we haven't been very good at keeping you up to date, or even giving you accurate info, so there'll be a number of email coming soonish.)

04 May - Michal: Right at the start of registrations, we always get impatient to see how things will evolve this year -- usually there are 50-100 applications the first day. This year happily confirms the trend: 64 applications at the end of the first 24h (without any pre-announcement, so we're actually in good shape ;)

03 May - Michal: The mystery titles have now revealed themselves so the list of titles is now complete on the teachers/classes page.

03 May - Michal: ... and about an hour later, the first registration is in: welcome Jaroslaw Hirny!

03 May - Michal: Registrations started one minute ago! (And they will end on May 16th)

02 May - Michal: We now have almost all titles for the classes (on the 'teachers and classes' page) -- only Biberauer and Koeneman are still keeping theirs secret ;)

02 May - Michal: Now that the teaching team is basically complete, we can move on to registrations. In order to try and catch up some of the lost time, we'll start immediately: tomorrow. If all goes well...

01 May - Michal: Two more new teachers: Uli Sauerland and Maire Noonan, from McGill, Montreal (see the complete list by clicking on the 'teachers and classes' link on the left). We now have an almost complete gang...

25 April - Hedde: Another egg in the basket. Olaf Koeneman from Meertens Institute Amsterdam will also be teaching this year.

24 April - Tobias: The contours of the phono classes emerge:
[also keep an eye on the classes-page, which will be fed as soon as definite titles and abstracts are available]

Ben Hermans
teaches on The too-many-repairs problem of OT in a representational perspective
This will be a two-week class, organized in two consistent one-week divisions.

Bruce Morén
will talk about Minimalist/Substance-free Phonological Feature Theory: Approaches and Implications

John Harris
teaches an Intro to syllable typology
and a thematic class on Information flow in phonology

Andrew Nevins will talk about Underlying representations, i.e. Richness of the Base, Lexicon Optimization and heuristic inference for their establishment

20 April - Tobias: Ben Hermans (Meertens, Amsterdam) has joined the phonology programme. So phonology is complete: Andrew Nevins, John Harris, Ben Hermans, Bruce Morén. Titles and abstracts will drop in soon.

05 April - Hedde: More good news: Theresa Biberauer from Cambridge also jumped on board.

05 April - Hedde: Good news: Elena Herburger (Georgetown) will join the teachers team in Brno.

30 March - Michal: Every year, we beat our own record in starting to organize the school late. This year I think the syntax/semantics team has managed not only to beat the record again, but has become so late that it is probably unbeatable in the future. April is coming, and we still don't have a teaching team. Or only the start of one. Negociations are underway though, so expect news soon!

02 March - Tobias: have jumped on board: John Harris (UCL), Bruce Morén (Tromsø) and Andrew Nevins (Harvard). More to come.

08 February - Tobias: Here is the 07-school... late (as usual), bute alive and kicking. This year the school will be held in the lovely city of Brno (you will have to exercise for these words without vowels), the capital of Moravia. It will run from Monday July 30th to Friday August 10th. Keep an eye on this page, more about the programme soon.