last name Alfrahova
first name Elena
nickname alfrahova
affiliation Masaryk University
main domain syntax
level advanced
based in Czech Republic
email alfrahova.elena @
grant none
hostel does not stay in the hostel with others
confirmed no
self-description A couple of years ago, I achieved my B.A. in Translation and Interpreting Studies (English/German) at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech republic. Since then, however, I have mainly concentrated on German (I continued my studies of German language and literature, started to work as a freelance translator and interpreter). Now, I would very much like to refresh my knowledge of English again, particularly as I am planning to apply for a job as an interpreter for EU-institutions (where English is simply a must:-) As regards my linguistic interests, I am interested mainly in the following fields: syntax, semantics, applied linguistics (especially translation) cognitive linguistics, comparative linguistics I am looking forward to participating at the egg:-)

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