last name Antoci
first name Anastasia
nickname antoci
affiliation A. Russo University
main domain syntax
level intro
based in Moldavia
email continuing_education_center @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I am an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures at A. Russo University, Moldova. in my fist year I took a Intro course to linguistics and some in Universal Literature. In future I would like to study more linguistics, and write my anual thesis in ling. (not literature, we have these two options only). I was suggested to go to egg by one of our English teachers, D. Murgulet-Ursachi. I was told I can take more intro course in generative grammar. I attended some seminars on context free grammar, and lexical semantics,organised by D. Murgulet-Ursachi and I got interested in these topics, so I would like to attend the intro course on Syntax and Intro to Semantics. besides this I would like to meet students and teachers from other countries and see what the Process of Bologna meens to them, what opportunities they have to apply for MA studies... I hopeI will be able to join egg 07 and be a participant of a European summer schoolin Linguistics. I would like to join egg 2007 to combine studies (and get ready for the fall semester, brush upmy knowledge in linguistics) with a little summer travel (we feel somehow isolated in Moldova,and we have little chances to travel and study abroad because of financial reasons mainly.)

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