last name Chladkova
first name Katerina
nickname kaca
affiliation UPOL
main domain phonology
level intro
based in Czech Republic
email katerina.chladkova @
grant none
hostel does not stay in the hostel with others
confirmed yes
self-description Iím in the final year of my English and Dutch philology BA studies. Iím mainly interested in phonology & phonetics (my thesis is from this field). Iíd love to take part in the EGG summer school for it is a great opportunity for me to get more and more into the depth of the language, and to meet a bunch of people who are fond of the same thing as I amÖ This year's EGG offers marvelous courses I would never find at our university. I would definitely love to attend the classes of Ben Hermans Ė OT is what I came across a couple of months ago and I'm eager to know everything about it. Bruce Morenís classes, John Harris's and Andrew Nevins's intro classes especially are also among those I canít miss! Iíd like to devote my future studies and career to linguistics. I think it's great to have the chance to spend two summer weeks (when one is relaxed and not bothered by the stuff you usually 'have to' do during the academic year) doing what you really like and what interests you the most. I want to learn a lot this summer in Brno!

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