last name Costache
first name Ioana
nickname ioanna
affiliation Bucharest
main domain other
level advanced
based in Romania
email ioana_maria_costache @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description After a degree in English and Romanian from the University of Bucharest, a master's degree in applied linguistics from the same university, and a master's degree in general linguistics and comparative philology from the University of Oxford, I am currently studying for a doctoral degree at Oxford. My research focuses on diachronic developments in Romanian, particularly in morphology and negative polarity, but my interest in other areas of linguistics goes unchallenged :) In 2005-2006 I taught phonetics and phonology to undergraduates and I was happy to integrate (as best I could) some of the things I'd learned at the 2005 Egg school in Wroclaw. That was my first egg-sperience and I'd like to get some more. I look forward to meeting everyone in Brno!

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