last name Deniz
first name Duygu
nickname deniz
affiliation Bogazici University
main domain syntax
level medium
based in Turkey
email duygudeniz2004 @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description First of all, I am a junior student in Foreign Language Education Department at Bogazici University(Istanbul,Turkey). So far,I have taken eight courses related to linguistics such as Syntax&Morphology, Structure of English,Constrastive Analysis of English and Turkish, etc. And all these courses progressed in a generative framework. I am interested in Syntax, especially Syntax-Morphology interface. Drawing sentence trees is really enjoyable for me, and I like analyzing data. Next year, I will graduate from my department, and I hope to attend in MA program of Linguistics in our university. Thus, by attending EGG, I want to gain new ideas and perspectives towards the "language" through meeting new people who are interested in Linguistics before I start MA. I want to attend topical classes mostly(especially "How the Case is Built and Spelled-Out" and "Syntactic doubling in Wh-chains"). I hope EGG will be a great experience for me.

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