last name Djordjevic
first name Tamara
nickname tamara
affiliation University Of Belgrade
main domain syntax
level advanced
based in Yugoslavia
email atdjordjevic @ sezampro.yu
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I am a forth year student of English Language and Literature in Belgrade. During my studies, I have had several courses dealing with different segments of English linguistics. My interests include transformational syntax, language universals, word order and its influence on the interpretation of sentences, principles of syntactic analysis, and above all the concepts of case grammar, some of which I explored in my term paper "Semantic Roles of Deep Cases". In time, I have realised that the more I learn about grammar, the more problematic and disputable points emerge. I hope that the Egg will help me clarify some of these issues. As I intend to enrol on an MA course in English linguistics next year, attending this summer school would certainly be a wonderful opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge and hear some different views and theories.

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