last name Iosad
first name Pavel
nickname iosad
affiliation Moscow State University
main domain phonology
level advanced
based in Russia
email p.iosad @
grant travel from Moscow for max 200$
hostel does not stay in the hostel with others
confirmed no
self-description My previous experience is rather varied, but largely independent, since good training in post-SPE phonology is hard to come by in Russia. I have been mostly involved with "difficult" morphophonological alternations, in particular initial consonant mutations - the topic of my MA thesis. I have made several presentations on the topic, including two outside Russia (Rara & Rarissima at Leipzig in April 2006 and OCP4 at Rhodes in January 2007). I am really excited at the prospect of a school which will allow me to both fill the gaps in my phonological training (which are no doubt large) and get a feel for some cutting-edge research in topics that interest me; I'm especially looking forward to classes by Bruce Moren, Ben Hermans and John Harris, as well as taking a few classes in syntax that would help me update what (rather little) knowledge I have. My interest in phonology stems from my sincere fascination with the different sound patterns that human languages demonstrate; it is also one field which is inextricably tied up with language history, something which also fascinates me very much. What excites me about generative phonology (which mean "phonology withing the generative linguistics tradition", not generative phonology proper) is that it poses questions that have to do with actually _explaining_ why things are as they are, something that traditional phonology (that I've been formally trained in) almost never approached, petering out into taxonomical feature matrices. On the other hand, I feel it is a major challenge for generative phonology to explain quirky patterns that have straightforward origins from a historical point of view but need to be describes with sometimes clunky machinery: this is something I would like to concentrate on, and quite a few courses this instalment of egg actually seems to be "about" something relevant to this -- explaining _why_ things are as they are. And naturally I look forward to having some great time in a summer Brno.

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