last name Ivanoff
first name Vladimir
nickname ivanoff
affiliation RGPU
main domain phonology
level advanced
based in Russia
email nootson @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description ok. first of all I'm interested in Chomsky revolutionary ideas, as for the generative stuff i can't say i know much about it, but would be glad if someone (if someone can) would kindly explain it to me. i know that in my country (in Russia) his ideas influenced many people, including Lotman's structural circle. I know the man who made the thesis on "generative composition", that was about Beethovenís symphonies. personally i have much in common with Chomsky. when I was at my first year I dreamt about such a mechanism, which at the input have, say, Shakespeare's sonnet and at the output - the entirely brand-new unknown Shakespearean play. as for my personal experience. i took part in the linguistic expedition, organized by Saint-Petersburg State University. we were working with Urum-language, small endangered language spoken at the south-west Ukraine by nearly 45 thousand former ancient Greeks. yet no grammar has been written, even alphabet is still a big problem. i described the sociolinguistic situation in the village called Mangush. I know English and Ancient Greek, as well as Russian. hopelessly i'm trying to learn Japanese. Iím very interested in phonology, my term paper is about how English-speakers percept foreign accents. thanks. Vova

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