last name Kadar
first name Edith
nickname kadar
affiliation UBB
main domain syntax
level advanced
based in Romania
email ekadar @
grant accomodation and travel from Cluj-Napoca for max 115$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description At our department there is only an optional course (Intoroduction into the generative syntax (of Hungarian)) that presents the general framework of generative syntax, but in the following years I will have the chance to introduce in the curriculum a 2-semester course that will go beyond the general presentation of the framework. The summer school will be of much help in preparation for this. On the other hand my main interests cover the question of the null subject parameter and the problem of verb-initial languages that will be dealt upon in this summer school. Beyond these I'm curious about virtually anything related to syntax and the syntax-sematics interface. Finally the literature that one can come across on such occasions is also of much help, as the libraries in Cluj can provide no up-to-date material (not even in on-line format) for my work.

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