last name Kapitskiy
first name Mikhail
nickname kapitskiy
affiliation Spbgu
main domain syntax
level intro
based in Russia
email kuroles @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description Good day, ladies and Gentlemen. I am a student in general linguistics, 3rd year of education, and I have many interests in different spheres of life. What I would like to receive from this school is to bein to understand the language and the base of generative linguistics and to see that may be it is something in the resounding with the insides of my head. I find it a Great Idea to make the school the way you do. My two reports (those students have to make by the end of the year) were in the course of non-verbal semiotics' studies. Now I go to the Actual problems of Syntax course, held by Sergey Sai, if you have favour to know him, and I understand but a half of wat is being said, and it is pity, I dare say. Thus, so are in brief my humble intentions four your school.

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