last name Kucharska
first name Alma
nickname kucharska
affiliation UW
main domain phonology
level intro
based in Poland
email kaileach @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description Hard to believe, but my second year in the Institute of English Studies made me even more keen on linguistics than the first one. Intellectual curiosity simply makes you want more and more :-) My main subjects of interest are generative and contrastive phonology, L1 acquisition and also, to some extent, syntax and I really hope to broaden my generative horizons during EGG classes, as the MA thesis is getting closer and closer... I reckon that EGG is a true one-off, where linguists and linguists-to-be can share their passion and I'm looking forward to the two weeks in Brno.

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