last name Machnicki
first name Maciej
nickname machnicki
affiliation UW
main domain phonology
level medium
based in Poland
email mmachnicki @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description Talking about "linguistic expierience" I can only mention classes at the Warsaw University. Most of them were very interesting and perhaps this would be my motivation for applying for the "egg" - simply to learn more. What I find most interesting is indubitably phonology. I enjoy listening to other people and finding regularities or exceptions to rules. Pretty often it drives my interlocutors crazy, but that is another story. I could name syntax as another area of my interest, but in truth it often... disagrees with me. In other words, I find it very interesting, but at times too difficult to comprehend. As for the question "What is it about (generative) linguistics that interests you?" - well, I could say, in crazy-poet's words, that it is the irreplacable mixture of inconceivable abstraction and rigidity of almost mathematical-like descriptions. And to be more precise - I am not sure. I just took up the studies, attended all the courses and, well, it worked. As simple as that.

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