last name Meikshane
first name Tatyana
nickname meikshane
affiliation BSU
main domain semantics
level medium
based in Belarus
email tanushkarus @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description Dear sirs, Although I am interested in the main in media phenomenon as an tool of reconstructing our mind and modeling mental processes, working mainly with data from written texts (I analyze French and British media texts covering critical situations; I am a fourth-year student of French philology), I have a large circle of interests like pragmatics, discourse analysis, textual analysis, syntax, acquiring both thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in order to discover more about a fascinating language system. Through my research I try to find answers to several questions: to what extent it is possible to reconstruct our mind, why people choose this or that particular word/phrase in order to name an existing object, to what extent the language itself structures our way of thinking and some other questions. I would like to stress now why I am applying for the semantics course in particular: as you can see I have a strong interest in the field of “sense” and “modeling/making sense”, I strongly believe that I can benefit from the course acquiring thorough theoretical knowledge and through the dialogue to understand even more thoroughly both the concept of “sense” (which is not always possible at home) and the “sense” of acquired theoretical knowledge, consequently how can this or that particular idea can be applied to different areas of language system and what its consequences will be like for the whole system and for our understanding and the way of use of the system. Why can the school benefit from having me as a student -- because in me the course will get an active, initiative student with my own opinion, who can work within the team, who knows how to listen, always admits when is wrong or when has been persuaded and is always open for the dialogue.

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