last name Murgulet
first name Dany
nickname murgulet
affiliation A. Russo University
main domain semantics
level intro
based in Moldavia
email daniela_murgulet @
grant accomodation and travel from Chisinau for max 150$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I am a university lecturer at A. Russo university, R. of Moldova. I joined the egg 2005 in Wroclow, Poland and it's been a stimulating experience for me which contributed to developing my interests in gener. ling. altough I had read a liitle bit about UG before coming to egg05, the course Into to Syntax held by K. Abels helped me better understand such components as X-bar theory, theta-theory, binding theory,etc. back home in my country I was glad to share my knowdge and the resources with my collegues as well as update the Into course to linguistics (available also on (the link:courses)). Besides this, the lectures on OT theory I attended at egg 05 were very useful for me. It was the first time I had the possibility to read something about it, and later it helped me understand some readings in computational linguistics, (I have to hold such a course for our Computer science students).I think attending egg 07 will enable me to foster my knowlege in generative phonology & syntax (as a lecturer I have to advise students in writing their annual theses, not only hold into course, so I have to grow, I want to study more on this subject, I need to ). I would also like to attend the intro classes on semantics and intro to pragmatics. I am also interested in the topics classes wich touch upon Negation and Negative Polarity & OT issues. egg is also a great opportunity to interact with faculty and students from other institutions and talk about the univ courses in ling. offered at the European universities and update my knowledge in this field. In may 2005 Moldova adhered to the Process of Bologna as well and for me egg will be the international forum where I will study,exchange experience and resources, and contribute to the implementation of Education Reform in my country. attending egg 07 will definitely improve my knowledge in gener, ling and wil contribute to my professional development.

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