last name Nedorostova
first name Zuzana
nickname nedorostova
affiliation Masaryk University
main domain semantics
level medium
based in Czech Republic
email zuzana.nedorostova @
grant none
hostel does not stay in the hostel with others
confirmed no
self-description In the last three years of my university studies, i.e. MA programme, I have focused on the linguistics, with a particular attention to semantics, pragmatics and sociolinguistics. My MA Thesis deals with the linguistic features in the genre of political interview, primarily with the role of the interviewer. My semantico-pragmatic analysis of the genre focuses on the question types, i.e. elicitation types, prevailing in this discourse genre. Moreover, interviewing tactics of three interviewers have been analyzed in terms of involvement presented in their self-references and accentuating and attenuating their assertions or assumptions. I would like to attend the EGG because I wish to continue studying in the field of linguistics and thus acquire a deeper understanding of language. Moreover, I am an English teacher and would like to find out more about the latest trends in this field. Last but not least, I am considering pursuing my academic career in terms of PhD studies but am not decided yet which branch of linguistics to focus on. Hence I would like to get some inspiration as well as contribute with my own insights.

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