last name Pajcic
first name Milica
nickname pajcic
affiliation Faculty Of Philosophy, University Of Novi Sad
main domain syntax
level intro
based in Yugoslavia
email snowmanmilica @
grant accomodation and travel from Novi Sad, Serbia for max 150$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description As a third year student of English language and literature, I have studied a lot of English grammar. Still, I have really seen what linguistics means only after I had chosen linguistics as my major. We do have few courses in generative syntax, but I think that it is not enough to be able to do some research after we finish. Because of that I decided to find a way to find out and learn more about that subject. This is still rather new area and I believe that it is necessary to constantly be in touch with new findings. To me it seems as the only way to be able to study language which constantly changes itself. Apart from my knowledge in linguistics that I received at the faculty, I have finished two year course in general linguistics at Petnica Science Center which is cited in Valjevo in Serbia. There I had lectures in general linguistics in both English and Serbian because we had lecturers from abroad. I attended seminars during my third and fourth year of high school and since then I am assistant there. Being a member of PSC means that apart from receiving up to date knowledge in the chosen subject, you have to do at least one research per year. In my studies I have mostly been interested in etymology of names, sociolinguistics, manipulative nature of language and the use of language in commercials. My last research on the faculty was on the pidgin and creole languages and at the moment I am fascinated by the children capacity to produce language and the fact that all creole children produce one “greater” language is even more fascinating for me. I hope that a week on egg will answer at least some of my questions.

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