last name Podlipsky
first name Vaclav Jonas
nickname jonas
affiliation UPOL
main domain phonology
level medium
based in Czech Republic
email jonas.kluk @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description I'm doing my PhD in second language speech perception, so it's phonetics and psycholinguistics that i'm most interested in. however, i'm also interested in what phonology (OT especially) has to say about speech perception. EGG has been a way for me (this would be my third time) to see what's going on in phonology. I enjoy both the intro classes (even if i'm not a complete beginner i always learn something new) and the advanced ones where the discussions get heated and where i can get an idea about what issues are debated. This year I'm probably most tempted by John Harris's Ben Hermans's classes but I would take other classes (intros and topical) depending on the schedule... Thank you! Jonas

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