last name Recski
first name Gábor
nickname recski
affiliation Elte Btk
main domain other
level medium
based in Hungary
email gabor.recski @
grant accomodation and travel from Budapest for max 44$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I am 20 years old and a third-year student majoring in English, German and Theoretical Liguistics at the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and at the Research Institute for Linguistics at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. I have studied generative phonology and syntax for three years and I am currently taking fairly advanced classes in these fields. Since the beginning of 2006 I have also started taking introductory and mid-level courses in fields like semantics, formal logic, mathematical linguistics and computational linguistics. My primary plans for the future include acquiring a PhD degree in theoretical linguistics and later become a researcher as well as teacher of linguistics. I am much interested in mathematical and computational linguistics and have twice attended a semi-annual conference in these fields co-organized by the Department of Theoretical Linguistics and the Technical University of Budapest. I am fascinated by all kinds of formalized linguistics but I have realized that my lack of education in Maths and CS do not allow me to proceed to an advanced level in computational linguistics. I have taken numerous classes in phonology (SPE, OT, GP, Metrical phonology, Hungarian, German, English phonology, etc. etc.) but I don't feel that my interests lie in that direction either. Lately I find (formal) semantics (and formal logic) the most exciting fields and hope to attend more advanced classes in these fields both at EGG and during my next years at university. All conferences, workshops and other extracurricular activities I have ever attended (including even going out with classamates in the evenings) gave me a wonderful experience of being together with people who share my interests. I can't picture anything more fun than sitting in a bar with a bunch of people who enjoy talking about languages and linguistic phenomena, trying to work out solutions to problems and getting a thrill from it the way I do. I feel the EGG school would be a first-grade opportunity to a) get better acquainted with the fields I have only recently began to explore, b) find a way to put my relatively more advanced knowledge of phonology to good use in my future research c) get closer to a near-final decision about what branch(es) of linguistics I wish to pursue in my research d) get to know lots of linguists and spend a lot of my free time together with people who share my interests.

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