last name Regan
first name Michael
nickname regan
affiliation PSU
main domain phonology
level medium
based in U.S.A.
email voyagermichael @
grant none
hostel does not stay in the hostel with others
confirmed no
self-description I am a language teacher with some formal training in general and historical linguistics. I am interested in the study of languages, mostly phonological and semantic studies. My personal studies have focused primarily on Indo-European languages (Romance, Germanic, Slavic languages). Linguistics now interest me in my career as a teacher, and as a future PhD candidate in either an applied or general field. I have read books concerning the historical developments of languages, and am now becoming more and more interested in current applications of the linguistic science, and would like to know more about current trends and developments in linguistic research. And this point, it is both a way to boost my performance in the classroom and as a hobby.

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