last name Romashkina
first name Olena
nickname lena
affiliation VSPU
main domain phonology
level medium
based in Ukraine
email philimosha @
grant accomodation and travel from Vinnytsia for max 90$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description Last year I had an absolutely fantastic experience attending the introductory course in phonology. I must confess that the classes provided not only a deep theoretical insight but were a good practical start. As a beginner in this field I found myself exposed to such an endless flow of information, questions, answers and ideas that sustained my linguistic activity through the whole academic year. This summer my challenge is the topical classes. I am particularly interested in John Harrisís "Information flow in phonology" and Bruce Morenís "Minimalist/Substance-Free Phonological Feature Theory: Why and How". I am sure that two weeks spent in the friendly Egg school atmosphere will be a further powerful stimulus for my master's thesis.

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