last name Rudnev
first name Pavel
nickname rudnev
affiliation Chelyabinsk State University
main domain syntax
level medium
based in Russia
email rudneff @
grant accomodation and travel from Saint Petersburg for max 200$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description The last year at university is high time a graduate-to-be started thinking about his/her future plans. As a matter of fact, by the end of their penultimate year at university, students are ready to come up with a decision that will somehow shape their future life. Often the decision is not haphazard—it is influenced by a number of factors of various importance. My choice was not accidental either—I just decided to continue doing what interested me most—languages and linguistics, Slavic syntax in particular. Last year, I participated in NYI in Petersburg, which gave me a perfect introduction into modern linguistic theory, with whose achievements in revealing the nature of language mechanisms Russian students are isolated, and stimulated my interest in doing linguistic research. The EGG school programme offers a choice of seminars for any (postgraduate) students majoring in linguistics to join in and profit from. I am planning to take a postgraduate programme with a special focus on syntax, Slavic syntax in particular, with elements of typological research included. Thus, EGG 2007 Summer School is a perfect programme as it offers a range of seminars, from introductory to advanced. It is evident that Russian scholars when doing their research in linguistics must take into account the achievements of their western colleagues. In my opinion, it is this very sort of scientific cooperation and interaction that is needed for successful research, and, as far as I know, the EGG school programme has proven to successfully perform this mediating function between the East and the West.

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