last name Sarvestani
first name Karl
nickname sarvestani
affiliation University Of Alabama
main domain phonology
level intro
based in U.S.A.
email sarve002 @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description I am an American undergraduate student in my final year of study. My University has no formal linguistics department and I am participating in an interdisciplinary program that has allowed me to pursue my own course of study in linguistics. My coursework has primarily centered around sociolinguistics and phonetics as these are the strengths of the faculty on my campus. I have taken introductory courses on general linguistics, articulatory phonetics, first language acquisition, and language and culture as well as more advanced seminars on language variation, discourse analysis, acoustic phonetics, English phonology, and historical linguistics. I am fluent only in English but have studied Latin, Spanish and Mandarin. In order to fill in gaps in my curriculum I have pursued many educational opportunities outside of my university such as the Linguistic Society of America's summer institute and the Max Planck Institute's Spring School on Linguistic Diversity. Generative grammar is perhaps one of the most intellectually productive areas of theoretical linguistics today. However, there are no linguists doing work on generative grammar at my University. I took introductory courses on generative syntax and phonology at the LSA institute but these addressed only the rudiments and I would like to explore the ideas further. I enjoy the prospect of investigating the interface between generative phonology and phonetics, but I also look forward to exploring syntax- which I have had very little instruction in- as well as semantics. The EGG seems like it could be a wonderful environment in which to learn about these exciting approaches.

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