last name Spasovska
first name Svetlana
nickname spasovska
affiliation Ss. Cyril And Methodius University
main domain syntax
level advanced
based in Macedonia
email svetlana_macedonia @
grant accomodation and travel from Skopje for max 120$
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description Since the EGG is mostly to blame for the choice of linguistics as my graduate area of interest (Egg 04, Cluj), I felt it was only natural to return to the scene of the crime this year as well. From the classes offered here, I am particularly interested in the classes of Olaf Koeneman and Theresa Biberauer. Besides this, my more general linguistic interest lies in comparative syntax, with special emphasis on the clause structure of Romance languages. I expect to share the stimulating EGG atmosphere both in and out of classes with all of you and be a part of another successful EGG experience.

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