last name St-Amour
first name Michelle
nickname st-amour
affiliation Mcgill University
main domain semantics
level medium
based in Canada
email @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I just finished an undergraduate honours degree at McGill University, in Montreal Canada. Next year I'm starting a 1-year Masters programme at the University of Toronto. I am eager to come to Egg to be exposed to more linguistic theories and new approaches to the field before diving into my Masters (plus, studying in Eastern Europe sounds great!). As for my research interests, my undergraduate thesis was a Syntax-Semtantics interface paper on Negative Indefinites, Lexical Decomposition and Numeration. Next year, I'll be working more on Formal Semantics (and hopefully applying formal semantics to under-studied languages). The classes I'm most interested in at Egg are Uli Sauerland's class on the Semantics of Embedded Clauses and Elena Herburger's class on Negation and Polarity Items. But, of course, I'll try to come to as many classes as possible, including the phonology classes.

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