last name Surovegina
first name Anna
nickname surovegina
affiliation Spbgu
main domain syntax
level medium
based in Russia
email orangeblossom @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I am a third-year student of the Mathematical Linguistics department at the Faculty of Philology, Saint-Petersburg State University. I got interested in generative grammar theory two years ago and the topic of my termpaper this year is “Information Structure and Word Order in Russian”. I am particularly interested in Russian word order in conversational speech or in informal written speech (weblogs, informal e-mail and isq-messages, etc). My supervisor is Olga V. Mitrenina who visited the EGG-school in 2003. I am also interested in phonology because modern phonology is almost unknown in modern Russia. I think that the EGG-school would be really useful and helpful for my future studies because I hope to continue working in this field and I would really love to learn more and probably discover new problems that could be interesting for me to work at.

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