last name Tashiro
first name Ryotaro
nickname tashiro
affiliation Kenyon College
main domain phonology
level intro
based in U.S.A.
email rtashiro @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description I study Spanish in my college, and am greatly interested in both theoretical and applied linguistics, especially those of Spanish. I have taken an introductory Spanish linguistics course last semester and loved it very much. I think what most interests me in linguistics is the second language acquistion, since I am an Apprentice Teacher for both Spanish and Japanese (my native language). I think it is fascinating to study how one acquires different languages, and I am very much interested in teaching a language as my future career. This semester, I have done an independent study project on Spanish phonetics acquisition, and represented my school in the annual National Conference for Undergraduate Research in April. My paper, entitled "The Use of Voiced Bilabial Fricative /v/ among American L2 of Spanish", will be published in the conference's Proceedings in September. I have focused on phonology this semester, and it is my most interested field, but I am also interested in syntax and morphology. Currently, I have a great interest on automatic tranlation programs, and if I were to be accepted to study in the school this summer, I would like to learn morphology and syntax in depth so that I could design (or at least acquire the knowledge of the method of designing) my own translation program.

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