last name Timotijevic
first name Mina
nickname timotijevic
affiliation University Of Belgrade
main domain other
level medium
based in Yugoslavia
email phrenon @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I'm an undergraduate student of general linguistics, and so far pragmatics is the field I'm interested the most, thanks to professor Vladimir Zegarac of University of Luton (UK), dept. of Language and Communication, who gave a very inspiring two-week seminar a year ago at our University. Also, at last year's EEG, I found Michal Starke's classes equally exciting, mostly because of his subtly incorporating semantics into general syntax, and thus making his approach hollistic and innovative. I always thought that too much detail and minutness in an approach can sometimes be a distraction from basic questions concerning the structure of language and structure of understanding and human mind that haven't been answered yet. I am interested to attend intro classes in syntax (Michal Starke) and pragmatics (Uli Sauerland), as well as the classes on properties of verb initial languages (Maire Noonam) and issues in semantics of conditionals (Elena Herburger).

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