last name Tremurici
first name Ionela-Mihaela
nickname tremurici
affiliation Ovidius
main domain semantics
level intro
based in Romania
email ionela_2012 @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description I become interested in generative grammar in my first year in the university when I attended some courses dealing with this approach to grammar, so different from the traditional one. Next year I have to elaborate my graduation paper and i think that acquiring more theoritical knowledge and possible applications of this Linguistic theory is essential as I am very interested in the way the semantic relations relate to structure/syntax. I'm also interested in argument structure across Romance languages (possible variations between Romanian and other Romance languages at this level). I would like to be given the possibility of coming to the Eggs because i could have an insight on the way language structures our way of thinking. Though my prime interest is the theoretical part, I think the Eggs could offer me the opportunity to socialize with people who have the same interest as me.

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