last name Urniař
first name Agnieszka
nickname agnieszka
affiliation Wroclaw
main domain syntax
level medium
based in Poland
email agajol @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description I am mostly interested in broadening my knowledge of English as a system. My main points of interest are syllabification and stress assignment. I would also be very happy to take a closer look at the Optimality Theory and "nanosyntax" thing. Generally I think that I like to dig out the rules that are somewhere inside the language, it keeps my mathematic mind busy and happy. I like that feeling, when suddenly everything becomes clear, and every strange thing seen in a language becomes logic and begins to undergo certain rules... I think I just like to experiment with those rules, with the language itself. I am also very much interested in the History of language. Old English, it's evolution into what is now spoken around the world...

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