last name yazici
first name dilek
nickname yazici
affiliation Bogazici University
main domain syntax
level medium
based in Turkey
email dilekyazici @
grant none
hostel does not stay in the hostel with others
confirmed no
self-description Dear Sir/Madam I am doing my major in foreign language education department and because of my interest in linguitics I have made my minor in linguistics. Hence, I have taken several linguistics courses. I am interested in particulary in Syntax. Phonology for me is too detailed compared to Tthe syntax. I do not know much about minimalist program, yet but I really want to learn more about it. For me, syntax to see more in the picture and because I love it more. While learning about it, I always keep thinking aboout the way a language is represented in the brain. Generative linguistics takes my attention because it satisfies many of the questions in my mind. Although Stefen Pinker calls the issue "poverty of imagination", the fact that children learn language in such a time with such proficiency always amazes me. I reaaly want to be among the people who are all interested in linguistics and learn something from them. thank you very much for the arrangement. Thanks four your valuable time. Dilek Yazıcı Bogazici University

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