last name Zambak
first name Aziz
nickname zambak
affiliation Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
main domain semantics
level advanced
based in Belgium
email aziz.zambak @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed no
self-description The subject of my dissertation is the philosophy of artificial intelligence. I am trying to develop certain theoretical models on mind, linguistics and logic. Linguistics is one of the core issues in artificial intelligece. The basic idea that I defend is that the interface between syntax and semantics is one of the most important issues within AI. Syntax studies the structure of well-formed phrases; semantics deals with the way syntactic structures are interpreted. The syntax-semantics interface exhibits the same kind of “modeling the mind” problem: We have a formal structure (syntax) and a complex interpretative structure (semantics). Likewise, in order to design an artificial intellect, we have to find a way how to map one into another. In other words, we have to show how syntax can suffice for the semantical enterprise. In linguistics, there are many theories that try to explain the interconnectedness between syntax and semantics. Rapaport’s “syntactic semantics” is one of these theories. There are two approaches in this theory: Firstly, the domain of a syntactic system is “internalized” –converted into (mere) syntactic markers- so that the semantic relations between the syntactic system and the semantic domain become syntactic relations among the markers of a (larger) syntactic system. Secondly, semantic interpretation is seen to be a recursive phenomenon whose ground is a (syntactical) system that can only be understood in terms of itself, i.e., in terms of the relations among its markers. In my opinion, this summer school will be helpful for me to develop and share my ideas. That's why I have an interest for the generative grammar and linguistics.

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