last name Zegrean
first name Iulia-Georgiana
nickname zegrean
affiliation Bucharest
main domain syntax
level advanced
based in Romania
email iulialoggen @
grant none
hostel needs 1 bed in the hostel
confirmed yes
self-description I am about to finish my MA studies in Theoretical Linguistics (in June) at the University of Venice (but probably going back to Bucharest, where I took my BA, to start the PhD), with a thesis on the syntax and sematics of spatial prepositions in Romanian. My major field is syntax, so I intend to attend most research classes in syntax, but I'm also interested in some intros (Zeijlstra, Starke). Looking forward to Noonan's class on PPs (it goes without saying), Nevins' class on case and Spell-Out, both classes of Theresa Biberauer. This would be my 2nd consecutive EGG, and I'm keen on turning it into a tradition... (did I also see Berit Gehrke enrolled as a student? then looking fwd to a nice chat about PPs...)

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