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Notoriously late as ever, this is to announce that the egg summerschool will be held in Poznan, Poland from July 27 till August 7. This year the summerschool will be co-organised with Uli Sauerland's COST project, which focuses on semantic and pragmatic effects related to language acquisition and SLI. Therefore, this year’s school will again be a thematic one, centered around the theme of cognitive aspects of language, in particular external evidence for linguistic theories. Stay tuned for more information to come.

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03 August - Hedde: To all grant-receivers: please make sure you fill in the attendance sheets in the library. thanks.

03 August - Hedde: Hi! This announcement will also be put on the egg-site. For a certificate, please download the document here. (and if that doesn't work, you can also download it from here here.). Edit it to suit your needs, print it out and leave it at the beginning of week 2 in the library and we'll turn in into an official document. You should have your printed out certificate in the library at the latest at 6pm on Wednesday, August 5. Cheers, Hedde

27 July - Hedde: A message from Omer: "I've put up a webpage where I will be posting the handouts for the "Intro to Syntax" class. I'll try to make handouts available on this site at least one day ahead of time - but to be sure, check back on the morning of each class." The page is here.

27 July - Hedde: Two quick reminders following today's organisational meeting: 1) Room 201A serves as the EGG library, Ewa Haman and Barbara Pomiechowska are running their experiment in 202A, and the computer lab is in 204A. 2) A tour to the local brewery (LECH) has been scheduled for this coming Saturday, 1 August. We plan to divide you into two groups of (more or less) equal size so that one half will start the visit earlier (i.e. at 4 p.m.) and the other half somewhat later (i.e. at 5:30 p.m.). Please drop a line to Ania Snarska ( if you are interested in the tour and indicate which group you prefer to join. Deadline is Thursday (30 July), 11 p.m., at the very latest. On Friday (31 July) we will publicise the relevant info about how to get to the brewery. Meantime, you may have a look here

25 July - Hedde: The schedule for week 1 has been changed. You can find it here.

25 July - Hedde: So, the fun is almost going to start ... and already on Monday at 9 am (sharp), when we gather in the classroom buildings for some welcome and introduction meeting. So please make sure, you're there by then (as we will also communicate some practical maters). Looking forward to seeing you all!

25 July - Tobias: Unfortunately Ali Idrissi won't be able to make to Poznan. Below are a few lines that Ali sends.
It is with a lot of regret that I have to cancel my trip to Poznan. I have been fighting with this decision for about two weeks, but a literally crippling health problem, combined with a demanding 5-month baby at home, ended up making my trip and participation impossible. My sincere apologies to both the organizers and the participants, particularly those who were planning to attend my classes.
Ali Idrissi

24 July - Hedde: Therehas been a bit of confusion concerning the grant mails. They will have to be hand-signed; which means that you need to print/sign/scan or print/sign/fax then (that's the easiest). Also, for those who applied for a grant (which is a grant paid by COST/Brussels) through egg - don't fill in the bank details now, but wait for that at the school. Egg will collect the money for you and you will be reimbursed onsite. People who applied for a grant through COST A33 should fill in and sign both forms.

23 July - Hedde: Charles kisseberth's papers are online as well. Check:

19 July - Hedde: Bad news: due to family circumstances Linneae Stockall unfortunately has to cancel and won't be able to teach at the summerschool.

18 July - Hedde: This year we had the plan to organise some evening lectures. These are lectures intended to increase the intellectual atmosphere of the school and are aimed for the entire egg audience. If you feel you have something interested to present which is of a general nature, please let us know at summerschool AT BTW It does not even have to be linguistics! Other sciences, cultural stuff, etc are also more than welcome... (much more actually than the latest feature acrobatics). Just let us know if you're interested and we'll try to come up with a nice program.

18 July - Hedde: If you receive an egg grant, or if you are reimbursed through COST A33, you recently received an email from Brussels. Now is the time to take action :) Please fill in the forms (at least the first one saying "grant") and send it back to Brussels. It takes less than a minute. You can just do that by email (for the signature, just type your name). PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE THE SCHOOL STARTS!

15 July - Hedde: Ewa Haman and Barbara Pomiechowska (University of Warsaw) are going to conduct a picture naming experiment with Polish native speakers during the EGG. Anybody who is interested in participating in the experiment or getting some more detailed information about the study, please contact them at barbara.pomiechowska AT or ewa.haman AT

10 July - Hedde: Hi! You can find the schedule for the school here.

10 July - Hedde: Ali Idrissi changed the contents of his course a bit. It's now a 10 classes course called "External evidence and the linguistic structure of Arabic: Decomposition to the root in aphasic speech and child language"

09 July - Hedde: Mary Ann Walter just posted some downloadables for her course here. It asks for a question: read well and you'll know.

08 July - Hedde: And another annnouncement: if you have arrive a day earlier/leave a day later than the Sunday before the school and the Saturday after, please inform our local hero, Angieszka Pysz, at agape AT You can also contact her for room sharing requests.

08 July - Hedde: Anybody who has inquiries about the invitation letters required for visa or home institutions, please contact Anna Snarska, who is handling the requests, directly at the following address: snarska AT

08 July - Hedde: Just a note saying that today is the final day for confirmation; so grab your chances!

04 July - Hedde: So confrmations are getting in! You can check whether you have confirmed or not on your own egg webpage (that you can enter through the list of registered people). BUT, it may take a few hours before everything is uploaded. If after couple of hours you still find your confirmation status being "no", send us a msg at summerschool AT

03 July - Hedde: Everyone who has asked for in invitation letter thus far but hasn't received one as of yet, will receive it on Monday.

03 July - Hedde: The confirmation period hast started today. Just send an email to between Friday July 3rd and Wednesday July 8th from the email address you used for registration to confirm that you will be coming to Poznan for the egg. Make sure you do this on time; otherwise your will be automatically deregistered. BTW Some of you already tried to confirm before today. Those confirmations however could not have been processed so you'll have to do it again.

02 July - Hedde: Two practical announcements: (i) some of you may need a letter of invitation for visa procedures - if you need one, write us at summerschool AT and we'll send you one (a scanned doc); (ii) given the cooperation with Uli's cost project, which is EU funded, grant receivers will get a confirmation from Brussels as well (with a slightly different amount as this amount involves accomodation as well). You don't have to do anything with it, just don't be surprised (or think that you got a second grant ;) ).

01 July - Hedde: Just a note saying that confirmation starts on Friday July 3. E-mails sent out today or tomorrow (or after July 8th ...) cannot be processed.

01 July - Hedde: I just sent out an email concerning the details of the confirmation period. In short: make sure you confirm your registration by simply sending an email from the email account you used to register yourself to "egg-confirm at" between July 3 and 8. (But please check the details in the mail.)

01 July - Hedde: I just activated the mailing list for the summerschool. If you received the emails, you don't need to do anything else. If you are registered for the school but did not get the emails, please contact me at summerschool at However, please check you spam boxes first - they may appear there. BTW If you didn't get an email, you can still read them by clicking the "mailing list archive" in the left green box.

30 June - Hedde: All notifications have been sent out. Next step is the confirmation procedure. Everybody who is registered will receive an email about the details of this procedure, but here are already the dates: the confirmation period will be from Friday July 3 till Wednesday July 8.

29 June - Hedde: Just to inform you: grant notifications will be sent out by tomorrow. Thanks for all your patience!

23 June - Hedde: Hi! Good news and bad news: The good news is that David's abstracts are online now; the bad news is that the doctors didn't allow Spyridoula Varlokosta to join us in Poland. Also, we ask you for a couple of days more of your patience but then all relevant information concerning grant notifications and the confirmation period will reach you. It's been taking a while, sorry for that, but it shouldn't take too long anymore.

09 June - Hedde: We still need a few days to finilize things before the confirmation procedure starts. So stay tuned, and you can expect some news in not too long.

17 May - Hedde: Registration is over now and we have exactly 300 applicants. That’s great of course, but also more than we can handle. Like every year, first we’ll go through all the applications and evaluate the grant applications. After that we will start the confirmation procedure (probably around the 2nd week of June). In about two weeks from now (roughly) we’ll send an email with instructions for this confirmation round. Hopefully the number of registrants will have decreased by then to a manageable size.

14 May - Hedde: One day to go before registration closes, grab your chances. BTW the faq has alo been updated with relevant information about Poznan and the dorms.

04 May - Hedde: The problem is fixed and registration is indeed open now.

03 May - Hedde: There is some technical problem due to which registration does not work as of yet. We're working on it, hopefully it is open very soon.

30 April - Hedde: One day to go! The faq now contains more travel information. Also, Bart Hollebrandse will teach an intro to language acquisition, so check the teachers+classes link (with abstracts for most classes now). And don't forget to register: space is limited, so make sure you do it early.

28 April - Hedde: Three days to go before registration starts! And ... we have one more teacher for you: Omer Preminger (MIT) will teach the intro to syntax and one other course also on syntax. So the enitire team for Poznan is now complete.

17 April - Hedde: Registration is open soon!

Registration for the school will start on May 1 and we will accept registrations for the school for two weeks. The last day for registering is therefore May 15.

When you register you need to give us an email address at which we can reach you until the school takes place. This is very important, since this email address will be added to the school's mailing list. Over this list you will receive important information regarding the confirmation of your registration, travel, visas, etc.

When you register you also need to give us a brief description of your background and interests in linguistics.

If you are from a country that belongs to the former east block, you also have to decide whether you would like to apply for a grant from the school or not. Grants are available to students from the former east block who currently live in one of those countries. If you qualify for a grant we can help you with money for travel, pay your room in the dormitory, or both. Grants are meant for people who would not be able to attend the school unless they received financial help from us. Grants are given on the basis of merit. The information you give us about yourself in the application form are the grounds for the decision. Since we usually get many more grant applications than we can afford to pay, we need a clear statement of your interests in linguistics and your background. Don't worry if you are a beginner and have limited background. We understand -- and we make sure that grants get fairly distributed to people with no, some, and a lot of background.

To make sure that only those people get a grant who won't be able to make it to the school without one, we are going to apply the same principle that we applied last year: If you apply for a grant and are not awarded one, you are automatically deregistered from the school and won't be able to attend.

15 April - Hedde: As said before, a good time for finding eggs: David Pesetsky (MIT) will jump on board as well, teaching about syntax of case and ... syntax of music.

15 April - Hedde: In between the two Easterns it's the perfect time to find eggs: Eytan Zweig from York will join us and he'll teach a course on formal semantics and a course on neurolinguistic experiments.

07 April - Tobias: Class titles and abstracts are coming in... have a look at the teachers & classes page - the first two abstracts available are by Sara Finley.

01 April - Hedde: Two more eggs in the basket! Linnaea Stockall (Concordia) will teach about her work on morphosynatx and experimental/psycho- linguistics and Natalia Gagarina (ZAS Berlin) will join the COST forces by teaching about aquisition of tense and aspect. And even more eggs will jumb on board, so stay tuned.

31 March - Tobias: Two more phono-EGGs have jumped on board:
- Sara Finley (Rochester)
- Ali Idrissi
So together with the previously announced teachers (Charles Kisseberth, Tel Aviv, Markus Pöchtrager, Istanbul, Mary Ann Walter, Northwestern) we have an unusually large phono track :-)

25 March - Hedde: The FAQ is updated and you can find information about the school and about Poznan. Also, a number of course titles is already rolling in - you can find them under 'teachers and classes' link on the left. More titles (and teachers) will follow.

11 March - Hedde: Also from the syn-sem side, there will be a focus on the search to external evidence for linguistic theory, though there will be 'regular' classes as well. A number of eggs are already in the basket. The cooperation with Uli's COST project brings us Uli himself (ZAS Berlin), Bart Hollebrandse (Groningen), Spyridoula Varlokosta (Athens), Stavroula Stavrakaki (Thessaloniki) and Ewa Haman (Warsaw). We also have Hamida Demirdache (Nantes) and me (Amsterdam). More syntacticians/semanticists will follow.

10 March - Tobias: So off it goes for Poznan 2009.
Like syntax and semantics, the phonology lineup this year focuses on 'external evidence' such as aphasia or real-time measures of brain activity that is brought to bear in order to argue about phonological theory.
This orientation leans on another summer school that is organized together with EGG this year (something we've never had thus far), and which is specifically about SLI (as a piece of a project of Uli Sauerland's, COST). More on this soon in this theatre.
Beyond this thematic focus, the phonology programme will however also offer regular classes that do not specifically draw on external evidence.
To get the school off the ground, here are the first three teachers that have agreed to come to Poznan:

- Charles Kisseberth (Tel Aviv)
- Markus Pöchtrager (Istanbul)
- Mary Ann Walter (Northwestern)

More to come, keep an eye on the blog...