Classes for Poznan09

Intro classes

Omer Preminger   (MIT) Introduction to Syntax (10 classes)
Linnaea Stockall   (Concordia) Introduction to Neurolinguistics
Charles W. Kisseberth   (Tel Aviv) Introduction to phonological phrasing
Markus Alexander Poechtrager   (Istanbul) Introduction to Standard Government Phonology
Mary Ann Walter   (Northwestern) Introduction to Experimental Phonology
Sara Finley   (JHU) Introduction to Optimality Theory
Bart Hollebrandse   (Groningen) Introduction to Language Acquisition
Hedde Zeijlstra   (University Of Amsterdam) Introduction to Semantics (and Pragmatics) - 10 classes
Uli Sauerland   (ZAS) Introduction to Recursion

Topical classes

Bart Hollebrandse   (Groningen) Embedding: subordination and Theory of Mind
David Pesetsky   (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) Syntax of music
David Pesetsky   (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) Syntax of Case
Hamida Demirdache   (Nantes) Interrogatives in child language: issues at the syntax/semantics interface (10 classes)
Omer Preminger   (MIT) Agreement and its failures
Ewa Haman   (Warsaw) Lexical development - 10 classes
Stavroula Stavrakaki   (Thessaloniki) SLI and other developmental disorders (with a special reference to Developmental Dyslexia)
Stavroula Stavrakaki   (Thessaloniki) Bilingualism, L2 learning and SLI
Ali Idrissi   (United Arab Emirates University) External evidence and the linguistic structure of Arabic: Decomposition to the root in aphasic speech and child language (10 classes)
Charles W. Kisseberth   (Tel Aviv) Optimal Domains Theory
Markus Alexander Poechtrager   (Istanbul) External evidence and Government Phonology
Mary Ann Walter   (Northwestern) Language Games
Sara Finley   (JHU) Understanding Vowel Harmony using Artificial Grammars
Natalia Gagarina   (Zas Berlin) Development of verb categories in first language acquisition
Natalia Gagarina   (Zas Berlin) Acquisition of aspect
Eytan Zweig   (University Of York) Processing of implicatures
Eytan Zweig   (University Of York) Semantics of plurals
Uli Sauerland   (ZAS) Semantics and Pragmatics in Language Disordered Children
Linnaea Stockall   (Concordia) Neuromorphology: How the brain detects and analyzes morphological constituents

Spyridoula Varlokosta (Athens)