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The intellectual eggfest moves to the beach this year ;) This year's egg school will take place in Constanţa / Romania from July 26th until August 6th. The phonology side of the programme will be centered on computation in phonology, the syntax side will be open ended as most years. As usual also, everybody is welcome to attend the school (easterners, westerners, southerners, northerners; advanced or not), and the school remains dirt cheap (100E including accomodation for the two weeks). See you there!

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28 November - Michal: Another version of the egg :)

12 August - Michal: grapevine... "been to a club, drank beers in an old fortress, and watched some finnish 'action' jazz … its all helping to deal with the post-EGG depression.... what a good time, In addition to learning, I was even able to drink beers everyday on no sleep while working on my tan on the beach……"

11 August - Michal: the post-egg depression strikes again ;) - here is a Canadian participant speaking: "Back in Paris - it is almost crazy to say I miss Romania?!"

31 July - Tobias: here is the schedule for week 2, with the rooms properly divided between syntax (Senat room) and phonology (E8).

31 July - Tobias: if you want a Certificate or if you are a grant recipient, instructions how to get what you need are here.

24 July - Tobias: Marc has posted two sets of slides for our class on computation: have a look at (the bottom) of the class page.

24 July - Tobias: while people are already travelling... here is the definitive SCHEDULE, as will be advertised on Monday morning at the opening (9 am) (only change: Marika's two classes are swapped among week 1 and 2).

23 July - Tobias: a couple of pdfs have been added to the class page of the class that I'm teaching together with Marc - have a look at them if you plan to attend.

23 July - Tobias: material for Lobke Aelbrecht's class on ellipsis will be progressively available on Lobke's homepage (scroll to the bottom) (also linked from the class page).

22 July - Tobias: latest handouts online: 2x Marika Lekakou, Marc van Oostendorp's intro to phon reps. Links are on the relevant class pages.

21 July - Tobias: here is Pater's webpage for his Computing Optima class. It's also linked from the (bottom of) the class page.

21 July - Tobias: is the latest version of the SCHEDULE, resolving both the previous clash and the one between nanosyntax and Roberta's class on agreement in week 2.

20 July - Tobias: Joe Pater has also set up a webpage for his intro class that will be progressively furnished. It's also linked from the (bottom of) the class page. Material for his Computing Optima is coming...

20 July - Tobias: ...and here is the last version of the schedule, resolving the clash between the intro to syntax (Preminger) and Nanosyntax (Starke) in week 2: SCHEDULE v7 :-)

20 July - Tobias: Handouts are in ! Have a look at the following class pages:
- Taraldsen Bantu (4 first lectures for the time being, more to come...)
- Preminger, both classes: link to the website Omer has set up for his courses and which will be progressively furnished.
- d'Alessandro, both classes: a course outline is now available, and the handouts for each day.

17 July - Tobias: after some shouting, here is the next-to-final version of the SCHEDULE :-)

14 July - Tobias: here is information on local xerox facilities from our local org Nicoleta: there are several copy/xerox shops around the university building open on summer as well. Two across the street actually.

14 July - Tobias: handouts will come in shortly: they will be posted on the relevant class page, and you may then help yourself, either by printing it or with a laptop in the classroom. Be wise and don't count on xerox facilities onsite...
Every handout that comes in will be announced here.

14 July - Tobias: here we go for the first (public) version of the SCHEDULE. You may try to shout at me in case the schedule provokes you being cut into two pieces that will have to bilocalize - but there is no guarantee for success. If really a lot of people shout saying the same thing, we'll see.

13 July - Tobias: there is an updated version of the modularity-pdf for my class on naughty generativists (on the class page, also here).

13 July - Tobias: we are currently preparing the schedule - it will be posted in a few days, and everybody can then shout at us for changes.

05 June - Michal: All the abstracts are in (check the teachers and classes page). All the registrations are in too, so we can soon proceed to confirmations and move on.

31 May - Michal: As you might have seen on the linguist list and various mailing lists, the registration period in ending June 2nd, ie two days from now. Have fun registering, and don't forget to write some descriptive text, so that you have more chance of being admitted!

21 May - Michal: A new teacher and a new class have landed in our nest: Lobke Aelbrecht - an egg old timer :) -- will be teaching a one week class on "The syntax of ellipsis". Welcome!

20 May - Michal: The classes for M. Lekakou have been updated, and more classes are coming tomorrow if all goes well. it looks like we don't actually need to advertise the school, judging from the registration numbers!

17 May - Michal: Obviously, the server went down just the day registrations were supposed to start. I fixed it from an airport table and evertying seems to work fine now -- fingers crossed. We haven't announced the school yet anywhere, so this is presumably be a slow start, let's see.

12 May - Michal: The tentative plan is to have registrations start next week, Monday 17th, and to have them go on for 10 days.

07 May - Michal: Our next syntactician is Roberta D'Allessandro, who will be teaching one class on "Introduction to parametric and microparametric variation" and one on "an advanced primer to syntactic agreement". Now we're near complete on classes -- and soon we can proceed to registrations. Stay tuned, any day now.

03 May - Michal: The next syntactician on the programme is the venerable Tarald Taraldsen, and his first class -- accessible to non-advanced people -- will be about the syntax of nominal classes, through a particularly striking example of it: the Bantu class system.

30 April - Michal: So the venerable intro to syntax will be teamwork this year: first week by Michal Starke, and second week by Omer Preminger

24 April - Tobias: oh I see, syntax got hijacked by badgirl, but in the end prevailed :-)
Another class description plus readings on the teachers & classes page: Joe Pater's Computing Optima.

23 April - Michal: Our first syntax teacher to announce her classes is Marika Lekakou. It looks like she will be teaching one class on syntactic doubling phenomena, and another class on recent developments in the research about so-called "middle constructions" -- sounds very cool.

22 April - Michal: I thought it was impossible -- but we did it: this year we managed to break our record of being late. There is a simple scientific explanation for this achievement: batgirl totally derailed the school organisation. She is under control now, and the school organisation will be catching up. Fast. Expect news to pop up here any moment.

22 April - Tobias: the missing phonologist has jumped on board: Joe Pater from UMass. More class descriptions soon - keep tuned.

11 April - Tobias: ...and here we go with the first two classes announced, those by Charles Reiss: check out the teachers & classes link on the left. More to come.

02 April - Tobias: Here we go for the first three phono teachers (one more to come): Charles Reiss (Concordia, Montreal), Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens, Amsterdam) and my dear self (Nice). We also hope to have a syntactician who does a class on (the history of) computation in syntax.

10 March - Tobias: here is a little more on this year's phono-theme.
Phonology in Constanza will be organized around the question of computation in phonology. Classes will be centered around how exactly computation works.
  • Is it serial with extrinsically ordered instructions or parallel with no extrinsic ordering?
  • If there is extrinsic ordering, how should it be expressed (ordered rules, Prec constraints)?
  • If computation is parallel, how is conflict dealt with (hard constraints, dominance, weight)?
Related questions are
  • the nature of computational instructions (rules identify an offending string and specify how to change it, constraints give no instructions for modification)
  • the size and nature of computational units (just phonology, phonology plus phonetics, phonology plus phonetics plus morphology, eventually even including syntax?)
  • the communication between computational systems (cyclicity, phase impenetrability).
Obviously, these issues are intimately related to cognitive science and what we know about how computation works elsewhere in the cognitive system.

09 March - Tobias: So here we are back on the chanin gang.
Late, of course, but alive and kicking.
EGG 2010 will be held in Constanţa / Romania from July 26th until August 6th.
And there will be a theme for phonology (but we also hope to get the syntactic point of view...): computation. How is it done? What are the options available on the market? Parallal, serial, cyclic, rule-based, constraint-based, weighted or unweighted constraints?
Stay tuned for more information to come.