Classes for Constanta10

Intro classes

Joe Pater   (Umass) An introduction to Optimality Theory and word stress
Marc Van Oostendorp   (Meertens) The Theory of Phonological Representations
Marika Lekakou   (Meertens Institute) Determiner spreading
Michal Starke   (Tromso) Introduction to Syntax / I
Michal Starke   (Tromso) Nanosyntax
Omer Preminger   (MIT) Introduction to Syntax / II
Roberta D'Alessandro   (Leiden) Introduction to parametric and microparametric variation
Tarald Taraldsen   (Tromso) The Nanosyntax of Bantu nouns and concords

Topical classes

Charles Reiss   (Concordia) Phonological Problem Solving Workshop
Charles Reiss   (Concordia) Phonological computation
Joe Pater   (Umass) Computing Optima
Tarald Taraldsen   (Tromso) Spellout, Constituents, Spans and Agreement
Tobias Scheer   (Nice) , Marc Van Oostendorp   (Meertens) Computation and phonology
Tobias Scheer   (Nice) Modularity and its generative offenders
Lobke Aelbrecht   (University Of Ghent) The syntax of ellipsis
Marika Lekakou   (Meertens Institute) Perfect doubling
Omer Preminger   (MIT) Recent developments in (the theory of) ergativity
Roberta D'Alessandro   (Leiden) Topics in syntactic agreement