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Welcome to the joyous EGG school. In the summer of 2011, the debating and partying fun will take place in Ceske Budejovice, in Czech the Czech Republic. The egg focuses on generative grammar, and has a nice group of teachers, who are either senior established figures in the field or young promising researchers at the forefront of today's research (they are all coming to teach for free (and for fun)). As usual also, everybody is welcome to attend the school (easterners, westerners, southerners, northerners; advanced or not), and the school remains dirt cheap (100E including accomodation for the two weeks). See you there!

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27 August - Michal: Marina Pantcheva sent an updated handout for her second week class -- the class page has been updated too.

15 August - Michal: Maybe this is the answer to a FAQ about some teachers at the school :) "Bare feet may also be better for the brain, which especially intrigues me. Bare feet, the theory goes, send lots of stimulating information to the brain. Shoe-covered feet have comparatively little to say to the brain causing nervous-system atrophy."

02 August - Tobias: The files of Diana's handout for her intro class (week 1), days 4 and 5, that were posted previously on her class page are corrupt. The good files are now online.

01 August - Michal: Radek Simik's handout for the second week and Tarald Taraldsen's are now online too

01 August - Hedde: For all grant students: grant reimbursement takes place Thursday from 12:00-13:00 in Lucie's office. Please make sure you have copies of all relevant receipts with you ("no copies no grant"). If you only got an accomodation grant, there is no reason to drop by (except for just saying 'hello').

01 August - Hedde: the school issues certificates of attendance that you might need in order to grasp a credit or two at your home institution. In order to get a certificate, you need to download this file, fill in your name, the courses you want to receive credit for and anything else you need. Put the doc in the cerificate box in Lucie's office before Wednesday evening and it'll be waiting for you the next day.

01 August - Michal: The schedule for the second week has been slightly updated.

01 August - Michal: The handouts for Tom Leu's and Sabine Iatridou's 2nd week classes are now available on their respective class pages.

31 July - Tobias: Diana Passino's handouts for week 2 are now available on the class page.

30 July - Tobias: Diana Passino's handous from week 1 are now complete on the class page.

29 July - Hedde: There is a minor change in the schedule for next week: Daniel Altshuler's class on aspect will take place in the fifth slot (16:45-18:00); Marina Pantcheva's class on directional expressions will take place in the first slot (9:30-10:45). Both classes are held in P2.

27 July - Michal: The menza menu is now available here so you can decide when/if you want to have your lunches there.

27 July - Michal: The handouts for the Iatridou+Zeijlstra class are now available on their class page, and Peter Jurgec added his missing handouts and worksheet, see his class pages.

25 July - Michal: The handouts for the first three days of Taraldsen's classes have arrived.

25 July - Michal: Handouts for the first week of Simik's class, for each day of McFadden's intro class and finally for Jurgec's first week, plus three work sheet for the first week, as well the first three days of the second week

23 July - Michal: Diana Passino's handouts for the first two days are now available too.

23 July - Michal: Tom Leu's handout for the first week is now available too.

23 July - Michal: Sylvia Blaho's first week handouts are now available too, you can find them on her class page

22 July - Michal: The schedule is now available, as are the two handouts for Pantcheva's classes.

21 July - Hedde: Daniel Altschuler put some links to his class handouts on his course pages. Also Marina Pantcheva put handouts on her website: they are on The handouts are under the link "Teaching". See you all soon!

14 May - Tobias: for people who need a visa to enter the Czech Republic, here is the letter you need to download. Please fill in (two times, in the Czech and the English version)
1. your first and last name (in place of "XXX XXX")
2. your birth date and passport number (on the line below)
And then send the request together with the modified file to the local organizer Lucie Medová (lmedova AT
And be quick...

05 May - Michal: More updates to the FAQ, which has now more info about CB and less about Romania ;)

27 April - Michal: Registration deadline: since the deadline hasn't been properly announced (it was supposed to be today) and since there was a registration bug for some time, we'll prolong the deadline to the end of the week. You can thus register until Sunday May 1st.

23 April - Michal: For all of you who don't find their names in the list of registered people: if you are not there, you are not registered. The reason is most likely this: there was a problem with the last step of the registration procedure (the step where you write your self-description), which made it time out in a few minutes. So your registration was probably lost and you need to do the registration procedure again now that the problem is fixed. Sorry about that!

20 April - Tobias: Peter Jurgec' course descriptions are online. I will try put the pdfs of the reading material that he mentions online (but I'll be travelling now, so early May perhaps...).

19 April - Tobias: here is how the intro track (for people with little or no prior exposure to phonological theory) in phonology works this year: there is an intro to OT taught by Peter Jurgec, and an intro to GP (and particularly CVCV) by Diana Passino. One each week.

19 April - Tobias: Diana Passino's cours descriptions are now on the teachers/classes page. They will be supplemented with reading lists soon. Also, Peter Jurgec' descriptions will be in tomorrow.

16 April - Michal: I just fixed a few technical issues with the FAQ, so you should now have a more enlightening experience reading it :)

16 April - Tobias: just put Sylvia Blaho's course descriptions on the teachers / classes page. More to come...

16 April - Michal: The registration period has quietly started, unannounced. Congratulations to the 45 of you who already jumped in, and to Amui Chong who was the first to register!

04 April - Tobias: ...and here is the third phonology teacher, Diana Passino. Diana will be teaching the phonology of Italian dialects and varieties of Italian (which is not the same), with a special focus on external sandhi.

03 April - Michal: Last but not least, who is going to teach the big general intro to syntax this year? We've got a great new introducer: the joyous and entertaining Tom McFadden, a distributed morphology morphosyntactician with a UPenn, Stuttgart and Tromso pedigree. The teaching lineup should be complete now, so next step: registration period -- substance consumed for this post: la vie s'envole

02 April - Michal: Our second new recruit is Pavel Caha, Mr "case-decomposes-into-a-thousand-functional-projections". It will be a busy summer :)

31 March - Michal: Ooops -- I didn't intend to make you guys wait so long! So our first new recruit is Marina Pantcheva, the master of didactic and cute slides, who is currently finishing a dissertation on the nanosyntax of path prepositions. Welcome!

25 March - Michal: We hired two more rising stars, news to come soon ;)

15 March - Hedde: And another egg in the basket: MIT's Sabine Iatridou will join the teaching team this year. Hurray!

09 March - Hedde: And there is more semantics coming in: Radek Simik wil teach and so will I . More soon ...

09 March - Michal: More fresh blood for the school ((ok, this didn't sound like I wanted it to ;)): Daniel Altshuler will be teaching semantics this summer, together with another new recruit from the ranks of ex-egg-students. La suite demain...

08 March - Michal: Switching from young phonologists to young syntacticians: Tom Leu of NYU/Yale fame will be teaching this year too -- it will be a fun summer :)

03 March - Michal: From Dragana Surkalovic's blog: "For me personally, as well as for many others, this school has been an inspiration and a decisive factor in life, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in linguistics" -- thanks Dragana, we should collect these testimonials at some point!

02 March - Michal: Tarald Taraldsen, who many of you know from last year, will be teaching again this summer - welcome!

01 March - Michal: Continuing the series of young phonologists: Peter Jurgec will also be teaching this year.

28 February - Michal: The teacher line-up is starting to clarify a little bit -- here is the first official recruit: Sylvia Blaho, the legendary ponologist that many of you know from previous eggfests, from CASTL and from many other places and events.

27 February - Michal: yes, we still exist and yes, there will actually be a school this year, like for the last 2 centuries or so, and we even know where! We've just been hiding under a rock, a particularly big and painful rock, this year.