Classes for Ceske Budejovice11

Intro classes

Diana PassinoCVCV meets the dialects of Italy: an introduction to CVCV and the phonology of the dialects of Italy
Peter Jurgecintroduction to Optimality Theory
Marina PantchevaThe syntax and semantics of Paths
Pavel CahaCase under the microscope
Sabine IatridouBinding
Tarald TaraldsenNull subjects
Thomas McFaddenIntroduction to Syntax (2 weeks)
Daniel AltshulerNon-literal meaning
Hedde ZeijlstraIntroduction to semantics (2 weeks)
Radek SimikIntroduction to the semantics of questions

Research classes

Diana PassinoHow prosodic is the phonology of Italian? Topics in the phonology of Italian
Peter JurgecAssimilation
Sylvia BlahoMythbusting in phonology: what we thought we knew about Hungarian (until somebody dared to ask)
Sylvia BlahoRadically substance-free phonology
Marina PantchevaDirectional expressions: typology of lexicalization patterns
Pavel CahaSpatial adpositions in the functional sequence
Tarald TaraldsenThe nanosyntax of noun class prefixes in Bantu
Thomas LeuDissecting determiners: A course in Germanic Morphosyntax
Thomas LeuOn x-to-C: A Germanic slide ride into Morphosyntax
Daniel AltshulerAspectual and adverbial meaning in natural language discourse
Radek SimikSyntax and semantics of wh-words and other operators
Sabine Iatridou, Hedde ZeijlstraModals, imperatives and polarity items (2 weeks)