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EGGers move to the lovely Polish city of Wroclaw this summer from July 23 until August 3. The EGG has already benefited from the hospitality of Wroclaw. Like in 2005, classes will be at the English Department downtown, and the same dorms (the twin towers) will also be used. Stay tuned, more to come soon (we are of course teeeeerribly late).

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27 July - Tobias: here's the new timetable with Shanti's additional class (the sidebar b utton does not seem to work).

26 July - Tobias: Shanti Ulfsbjorninn offers a third class in a free slot of week 2 (first in the morning). The class is on the (non-)existence of moraic onsets, and a description is available on the classes page. The timetable is also updated.

23 July - Tobias: here's the certificate. As was mentioned this morning: you arrange the file as you like, print it and put it in a box (that will exist soon around the classrooms) until Wednesday evening week 2. You then collect the stamped and signed version on Th and Fr week 2.

23 July - Tobias: Paul Boersma has made a website for his class.

20 July - Tobias: next (and I hope final) version of the timetable (only one change: swap week 2 Hamann - Ulfsbjorninn). And the schedule button on the sidebar now works.

20 July - Tobias: here's the timetable. Don't use the "schedule" link on the sidebar, which for some reason refuses to interpret the html code...

11 July - Tobias: the school is approaching, and the timetable is in the making... keep an eye on the site.

11 July - Tobias: the day to day programme of Silke Hamann's class is now available on the class page.

18 June - Tobias: Paul Boersma's course description has just come in.

16 June - Hedde: You'll receive an important message on the confirmation round either today or tomorrow. Please read it carefully. If you haven't got it (after tomorrow), please make sure your email address is correctly registered. If that's indeed the case, let us know. You can always see the mesages to all egg'ers bly clicking on the mailinglist archive in the green bar.

16 June - Hedde: Grant notifications have been sent out! You should have received an email about your grant status by now. If you haven't, please contact us (but check your spam boxes before :) ).

14 June - Hedde: It took us a while, but we can already let you know that those who are on the list and who did NOT apply for a grant, are all accepted. So you can make all your booking arrangements by now. If you asked for a grant, we will let you know the result very soon, within a few days. After that, we will inform you about the so-called reconfirmation period.

06 June - Hedde: Michelle Sheehan's course descriptions are now online too.

31 May - Tobias: Silke Hamann's course description is now online.

15 May - Hedde: And two more syntax/semantics teachers on board: Heather Burnett from (UCLA, but soon in Paris) and Barbara Tomaszewicz (USC), both from sunny California ... This completes the entire syntax/semantics selection. I'll start announcing classes tomorrow/Thursday. Cheers!

15 May - Tobias: ...and here we go for REGISTRATION: the link on the left will be open from May 18th through May 30th. Don't miss it :-)

15 May - Tobias: the teachers-classes link on the left now works. Descriptions of phono classes are almost complete (two missing). Readings are mostly not available online yet, but we work on that...

14 May - Tobias: Peter Szigetvari from Budapest completes the phono-programme. He'll teach a class on the skeleton.

08 May - Tobias: we plan to start registration before the end of May. Stay tuned...

03 May - Tobias: another phonology teacher has hopped on board: Shanti Ulfsbjorninn from SOAS.
Class abstracts with reading lists will be the next step.
And watch out for registration, which will take place in the 2nd half of May.

24 April - Hedde: Also, several of you asked about registration, etc. We will post the relevant information as soon as it is known and inform you about it in the usual ways.

24 April - Hedde: Also, the syntax teachers are coming in. So far we have the following people lined up, but there is more to come, so keep visiting this page :)

Remus Gergel (Tuebingen)
Dennis Ott (Groningen)
Roumi Pancheva (USC)
Michelle Sheehan (Cambridge)
Bartosz Wiland (Poznan)
.. and our own local organzer Krzysztof Migdalski will teach a course as well

24 April - Tobias: No message for two months...hum. So here we are back, having worked on the programme. Three phono teachers are on board for the time being:
1. Yuni Kim (Manchester)
2. Paul Boersma (Amsterdam)
3. Silke Hamann (Duesseldorf)
At least one more is to come, stay tuned...

23 February - Tobias: Hi everybody, we finally surface in late Febrary - I think this is breaking all previous records of being late. The venue for this year's EGG is now settled: the lovely Polish city of Wroclaw. Thanks a lot to Krzysztof Migdalski, our local org, who has worked hard to make things perfect with the dorm admin and the Department. The EGG has already benefited from the hospitality of Wroclaw. Like in 2005, classes will be at the English Department downtown, and the same dorms (the twin towers) will also be used. Stay tuned, more to come soon.